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Justice Jeremiah Sullivan

(Eighth Justice)

Justice Jeremiah Sullivan

Justice Sullivan was born July 21, 1794, in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and died
December 6, 1870, in Madison, Indiana.524

After graduating from the College of William and Mary, he studied law and was admitted to the Indiana bar in 1812. In 1819, he was elected to the Indiana General Assembly and won re-election in 1820. Jeremiah Sullivan is credited with proposing the name "Indianapolis" for the capital city. In 1829, he represented Indiana in plans to build a canal between the Wabash River and Toledo, Ohio.525

He served on the Indiana Supreme Court from May 29, 1837, to January 21, 1846. In 1846, he left the Indiana Supreme Court and devoted his time solely to his law practice. In 1869, he was appointed judge of the Jefferson County (Indiana) Criminal Court, and was subsequently elected to the position but died suddenly only three hours before the court convened.526

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