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Justice James Scott

(Second Justice)

Justice James Scott

Justice Scott was born May 28, 1767, in Pennsylvania, and died on March 2, 1855, in Carlisle, Indiana.462

Records of his early education are sketchy, but the State University of Indiana granted him an honorary LL.D. in 1844 in recognition of his contributions to education in the state. In 1810, he was appointed Clark County Prosecutor by Governor William H. Harrison. He served as an Indiana State Representative in 1813. Scott resigned that position to become a chancery judge. In 1816, he attended the Indiana Constitutional Convention. He served on the Indiana Supreme Court from December 28, 1816, to December 28, 1830.463

He was a member of the judiciary committee that helped write the Indiana State Constitution. He is credited with authoring those sections that related to education.464

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