Employment with the Indiana Court of Appeals

Judicial Law Clerk

Each judge of the Court of Appeals of Indiana employs up to three judicial law clerks; one is usually a senior law clerk with several years of experience. Clerks perform a variety of tasks, from conducting legal research to drafting memorandums, bench briefs, and case synopses. Court of Appeals clerkships are a rewarding way to participate in the life of the Court and to learn about and gain experience in appellate practice in Indiana.

Salary & Benefits. Starting salaries for judicial law clerks at the Court of Appeals are  $56,375 plus benefits similar to all state employees.

Each Court of Appeals judge determines what tasks to assign to his or her law clerks. Law clerks are generally expected to do research, write memoranda, review draft opinions, and assist in preparing preliminary draft opinions.  

Applications. All applicants must be a graduate of an accredited law school. Each Court of Appeals judge makes his/her own decisions on hiring law clerks. Some have specific application requirements, so please review the information below for each. Typically, applications for judicial clerkship include the following materials:

  1. A cover letter;
  2. A biographical resume;
  3. A transcript of grades achieved in law school, including, if available, information about class standing;
  4. A copy of any relevant scholarly writing;
  5. At least one letter of recommendation from a faculty member with whom the student has studied or a letter of recommendation from a clerkship committee, or both. Letters of recommendation may be sent separately from the letter of application; and
  6. A statement of when the applicant will be available for a personal interview in Indianapolis.

Applicants who wish to apply to any member of the Court may forward their application to the Court Administrator.