Update on Notice of Contracting Opportunity for Statewide Electronic Filing Manager

The next step toward statewide e-filing is underway as the Supreme Court selected Tyler Technologies, Inc., as its e-filing manager. A selection committee—including the Division of State Court Administration, a Circuit Court Clerk, a member of the Indiana State Bar Association and a national expert on e-filing—recommended Tyler to the Supreme Court. The Court unanimously selected Tyler.  
In May 2014, the Indiana Supreme Court announced it was moving away from paper and going to a statewide e-filing system for court information. The Division of State Court Administration asked for bids for an e-filing manager. Seven companies bid for the e-filing project through a competitive process called a Public Notice of Contracting Opportunity or PNCO. Bids were due in September 2014, and in October 2014 three vendors were announced as finalists:

The Court has made e-filing a priority in its budget request to the Indiana General Assembly. The Legislature determines the state budget. The selection of Tyler as the e-filing manager is contingent on funding as determined by the General Assembly.

Tyler will be required to work with multiple court case management systems and e-filing service providers statewide. The Division will coordinate the e-filing process, including certification of those providers.