Online Child Support Calculators


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On December 31, 2009, Court Technology published a new child support calculator for parents to estimate child support payments based on the Child Support Guidelines effective January 1, 2010.


The idea for an online child support calculator originated when the Marion Superior Court initially contracted with eGov Strategies LLC, based out of Indianapolis, to develop an online calculator for its website. That calculator was widely popular, but became outdated when amendments to the Indiana Child Support Guidelines became effective at the beginning of 2004. In late 2003, in anticipation of the Guideline changes, Marion County handed the application over to Court Technology so that Court Technology could facilitate the necessary updates and the collaborative effort that has led to the development of two additional tools and make the tools available for statewide use.

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In 2004, Court Technology made available on the Indiana Courts website three child support calculator options, which included:

  1. an online, interactive Step-by-Step Calculator complete with instructions, definitions, and references to the Guidelines;
  2. an online, interactive Practitioners’ Calculator specifically designed for members of the justice community with experience calculating child support; and
  3. a Downloadable Calculator for Microsoft Excel™ for use on computers without an Internet connection by members of the justice community with experience calculating child support.

The calculators were the product of collaboration between the Division of State Court Administration, the Indiana Judicial Center, and the Marion Superior Court. Technical development of the online calculators was completed by eGov Strategies of Indianapolis. Court Technology staff members completed the technical development of the downloadable calculator.