Study Commission on the Future of the Indiana Bar Examination

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The Study Commission was created by the Indiana Supreme Court to evaluate current trends and issues and make recommendations regarding the future of the Indiana bar examination. Specifically, the Study Commission should address:

  1. Whether Indiana should modify what is deemed to be a passing score on the Indiana bar examination.
  2. Should Indiana continue the practice of scaling the written portion (Indiana Essay Examination and Multistate Performance Test) of the Indiana bar examination to the multiple-choice portion (Multistate Bar Examination) of the bar examination.
  3. Whether Indiana should continue to use the same grading scale to grade the written portion of the Indiana bar examination.
  4. Whether any changes should be made to the number of subjects tested on the Indiana Essay Examination.
  5. Should any changes be made to the appeals process for applicants who are unsuccessful on the Indiana bar examination.
  6. Whether the present content and format of the Indiana bar examination has a disparate impact on any groups.
  7. Should Indiana adopt the Uniform Bar Examination ("UBE"). 

The Study Commission will make a report to the Supreme Court by December 2019.


Meetings are open to the public.

Next meeting

Wednesday, November 13, 2019, 1:30 p.m. EDT
Indiana Supreme Court Conferen Room, Room 319
200 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, Indiana Agenda (PDF)

Past meetings 


Hon. Randall T. Shepard, Chair
Chief Justice of Indiana (ret.)

Hon. Nancy H. Vaidik, Vice Chair
Chief Judge, Indiana Court of Appeals

Hon. Cristal Brisco
St. Joseph Circuit Court

Hon. Kenton Kiracofe
Wells Circuit Court

Dean Andrew Klein
Indiana University McKinney School of Law

Dean Austen Parrish
Indiana University Maurer School of Law

Yvette LaPlante
Evansville, Indiana

Jon Laramore
Indianapolis, Indiana

John Maley
Indianapolis, Indiana

Dean Nell Jessup Newton
Notre Dame School of Law

Leah Seigel
Indianapolis, Indiana

Cathleen Shrader
Fort Wayne, Indiana


Bradley Skolnik, Ex Officio
Executive Director, Office of Admissions and Continuing Education

Justin Forkner, Ex Officio
Chief Administrative Officer, Indiana Supreme Court


Staff Contact

Tina Hopson
Office of Admissions and Continuing Education