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What's New on the Courts Portal for 2020

New features are available on the Courts Portal beginning June 11, 2020.

New legal and mediator education summaries

Attorneys and mediators can now get a quick summary of their continuing education credits by clicking into the legal education summary or the mediator education summary. Quickly see how many credits you need by the end of your education cycle.

Overhaul of notification preferences

We've eliminated some notification preferences to simplify communication and reduce the number of steps for attorney registration.

  • Attorney registration and CLE statements will always be sent to the primary email address.
  • Judicial nominating commission ballots will always be mailed to the home address.

Security improvements

If you create a new account or need to update your password, your password will have to meet stricter requirements for better security, and too many failed attempts to login will lock you out of your account.

Mediator payment changes

Mediator fees may no longer be paid with a paper check by mail. You must sign into the Portal and pay by e-check or credit card. We do not charge credit card processing fees.

Note: In 2020, as a result of COVID-19, the Indiana Supreme Court has relaxed limits on allowed distance CLE. See Information for lawyers during COVID-19 to learn more.