2019 Updated Child Support Calculators

The online parents' and the online practitioners' child support calculators were updated on July 1. The new versions include the following features:

Calculate support for children 19 and older

This allows calculation of support for disabled adult children, and it complies with HEA 1520 (effective July 1), allowing for calculation of support for adult children still in secondary school.

Updated design and ease of use

The calculators now show the estimated support amount as financial information is entered, to help you see how your entries affect the obligation. The calculators are also designed to work on large and small screens, including phones.

Create Email and Pass Key to save calculators

The old calculators required use of a very long transaction number to retrieve saved calculations. Create an email/password combination to save calculations. Transaction numbers are still available and will be generated when a calculation is saved. Use either the email/password combination or the transaction number to load a saved calculation.