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Manage my court interpreter record

The Court Interpreter Record screen is available to qualified and certified interpreters to provide information for the Interpreter Registry to the Indiana Office of Court Services.


The languages for which you are qualified or certified as a court interpreter are listed, and you may not change these.

Hourly Rate

Specify a fixed rate by adding the same number in both fields, or provide a range.

Counties Served

Choose a county and click "Add" to add that one county. Choose "All Counties" to indicate you are willing to serve statewide. If you prefer to add multiple counties in a single judicial district, you can choose the district from the list and click "Add" to add all counties in that district.

To remove a county in the list, click the "Remove" button.

If you are willing to travel outside of the counties you normally work in, check the box to indicate this. If you are willing to interpreter by phone or video conference, check the box to indicate this.

Court Interpreter Status

This shows your current status and the last date your status was changed.