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The Indiana Supreme Court and the Chief Justice of Indiana oversee administrative agencies that manage initiatives--including education, certification of specialized courts and personnel, and technology--for courts and probation across the state.

Technology in our courts

The state offers a variety of technology solutions to local trial courts to help them share data, follow best practices, and offset limited funding from local property taxes.

Statewide case management and electronic filing

In 2007, Indiana began installation of the Odyssey case management system. A significant portion of the state's cases are managed in Odyssey, and more than two-thirds of counties have voluntarily adopted it.

Odyssey makes it possible for Hoosiers to find their case information online at mycase.in.gov at no cost. Criminal defendants can also now receive text messages about upcoming hearings if their cell numbers are collected by the court or probation staff. Odyssey also makes it possible for courts to share data with the agencies that rely on it and to recover millions in unpaid court fees through tax refund intercepts.

Indiana's trial and appellate courts began implementation of statewide e-filing in mid-2015. Only a handful of counties have yet to begin e-filing as they prepare to start using Odyssey. Once Odyssey is implemented in these courts, adoption of voluntary and mandatory e-filing will be scheduled.

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