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Report Legal Education Credits

This section of the portal provides you with tools to apply for accreditation of a CLE course or report attendance on a course you attended.

Why apply for accreditation?

If the course you wish to attend isn't already approved by the Commission for CLE, then you'll need to ask the Commission to accredit it. In the past, this was done using a paper form, but now you can apply through the portal.

Be sure to check the approved course search before applying for accreditation to make sure your course isn't already approved.

When to report attendance

Many, or even most, CLE providers will report your attendance for you. When you attend the course, make sure to find out if they offer this service. If they don't, or if you applied for accreditation of the course yourself, then you should report your attendance using the portal.

Managing your courses

Once you've started an application for accreditation, your course will appear in a list labeled My Courses and Attendance. There will be some actions you can complete for each course listed, depending on where it is in the process. Similarly, courses for which you've reported attendance will also show up in this list.

Screen shot of portal screen for reporting CLE

Application Step-by-Step

Attendance Step-byStep

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