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Pay continuing education fees


If you have any available invoices for either Education Fees or Reinstatement and Delinquency Fees, they will be listed on this page.  These are not common fees, so your education fees page may not have any available invoices.

Education fees may include invoices for:

  • Late fee for not timely applying for accreditation of a continuing legal or mediation course
  • Late fee for late reporting of attendance

Reinstatement and delinquency fee invoices should only be available if you do not timely meet your CLE requirements.

If you have multiple invoices for education fees or multiple invoices for reinstatement/delinquency, you will have to pay all invoices in that category to pay any of them.

If you have invoices available for payment, check the box to select the invoice category you wish to pay (or both categories, if both are available).  Then click "Proceed to Payment" to move forward.

After you proceed to payment, you'll have two options for payment method:

  • Credit Card
  • eCheck

Paying by Credit Card or eCheck

When you pay by credit card or echeck:

  • the portal will automatically fill in billing information based on your attorney record or mediator record, and
  • your online payment will be immediately processed after you review your payment information and click the "Process Payment" button.

The portal accepts Visa and Mastercard.

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