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About the e-filing project

The Indiana Supreme Court is implementing a statewide e-filing system that will allow cases to be filed entirely online, reducing the need for costly paper copies, postage and trips to the clerk's office. The project was announced in 2014, and the first courts were up-and-running with the new system in 2015. E-filing will be implemented statewide in 2019.

Indiana's e-filing model

Project governance

History of the project

Ad Hoc Rules Committee develops e-filing rules

May 2014
Supreme Court order directing the Division of State Court Administration to begin a statewide e-filing project

May 2014
Proposed amendments to the Indiana Rules of Trial Procedure to allow electronic filing published for comment

July 2014
Public notice of contracting opportunity for a statewide e-filing manager

September 2014
Supreme Court order amending the Indiana Rules of Trial Procedure, effective only upon further order of the court.

June 2015
Tyler Technologies selected to manage e-filing initiative

August 2015
Hamilton County leads court e-filing project

November 2015
Supreme Court order initiating electronic filing in the Indiana Supreme Court and Court of Appeals

December 2015
Supreme Court order initiating electronic filing in the Indiana Tax Court