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This page shows the most basic information about you on the Mediator Registry, including your full name and mediator number (your attorney number, if you are an attorney).  You may optionally indicate here whether or not you speak (or can provide mediation services) in a language or languages other than English.

If your name changes, you should update your name with the Supreme Court as soon as possible.  If you are not an attorney, you may use the Commission for CLE's Mediator Name Change form.

If you are a mediator who is also an attorney, you are required to update your name with the appellate clerk's office within 30 days of the change, but you must complete this process on paper. See the appellate clerk's office website for an Affidavit for Name Change.  You do not need to complete both the Affidavit for Name Change and the Mediator Name Change form.  For attorneys, the Affidavit for Name Change form will apply to both your Roll of Attorneys and your Mediator Registry records.








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