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Mediator Registration Walkthrough


Starting August 1 of each year, your dashboard will display a message about annual registration with a "Get Started" button that will take you to the annual registration wizard.

The steps of the annual registration wizard are the same options that you'll find under the "Manage my mediator" section of your dashboard.  The wizard simply takes you through each of the steps giving you the opportunity to review, and change if necessary, the information that you will certify and submit to the Commission for CLE. 

Once you've submitted your registration information, you will be taken to the payment section of the process, where you can proceed to payment or choose to pay later. Your annual mediator registration is not complete until your full payment is received by the Commission for CLE.


To start your annual registration, click the "Get Started" button in the annual registration banner on your dashboard.

There are five or six steps in the wizard, and each step must be reviewed to be marked complete.  If you are registered as both a Civil and a Domestic mediator, you will have six steps; if registered as one or the other, you will have five steps.  Once all steps are marked complete, you can move forward to certify your information and pay your fees.

Follow the instructions on the screen for help using the annual registration wizard.  If you need help on one of the six steps, see the help topics below:

After you review your summary and click "Certify Information," you will be presented with your annual registration fee invoice:

  • If you wish to pay your fees, click "Proceed to Payment." 
  • If you wish to pay at a later date or have your account administrator pay your fees, click "Pay Later." 

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