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Court of Appeals: Memorandum Decisions Reclassified as For Publication

The Indiana appellate opinions below were originally classified as Not-for-Publication Memorandum Decisions when handed down by the Court of Appeals, see Ind. Appellate Rule 65(A), but later reclassified as For Publication by Court order. Opinions are listed in reverse chronological order by date of the order reclassifying the opinion. The "Decision Issued" column lists the original date of issuance. This list includes only opinions ordered published after 01/01/2007.

Order Date Decision Issued Case Lower Court Case Number Appellate Court Case Number
01/20/21 12/29/20 Mark Housand v. State of Indiana 71D03-1812-F1-21 20A-CR-375
12/11/20 12/04/20 Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc., et al. v. Rick C. Sasso, M.D. 50C01-1806-PL-27 19A-PL-378
11/19/20 10/26/20 Ausencio Garcia Rodriguez v. State of Indiana 49G01-1804-F1-13278 20A-CR-324
11/17/20 09/25/20 Elizabeth Gresser, et al. v. Reliable Exterminators Inc. 79D01-0403-CT-25 79A05-1711-CT-2621
11/10/20 10/20/20 Walter Griffin, Jr., et al. v. Menard, Inc., et al. 20D02-1603-CT-56 20A-CT-310
11/02/20 10/22/20 Curtis Pearman v. Hale Abstract Company, Inc. 73C01-1406-PL-18 20A-PL-733
10/26/20 09/10/20 Valerie (Watts) Padilla v. Donald Watts 36D02-1203-DR-119 20A-DR-423
10/23/20 09/24/20 James N. Harris, II v. State of Indiana 89D02-1912-F3-28 20A-CR-870
10/08/20 09/25/20 In the Matter of the Supervised Estate of Donald L. Moster, Sr. Deceased, Lisa Voltz, Successor Personal Representative, and Donald L. Moster, Jr. v. Rose M. Deschand 29D01-1703-ES-110 20A-ES-938
09/28/20 09/08/20 John E. Martin v. State of Indiana 79C01-1702-F5-20 20A-CR-228
09/21/20 09/10/20 Penske Truck Leasing Co., L.P. v. Debra Dalton-McGrath and John McGrath 45D04-1801-CT-18 20A-CT-94
09/21/20 08/17/20 Michael J. Lusinger, Jr. v. State of Indiana 07C01-1711-F6-661 20A-CR-18
09/17/20 08/4/20 Jeremy R. Sims v. Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles 22D02-1904-MI-615 19A-MI-2796
09/16/20 08/25/20 Alex Cordell Hughes v. State of Indiana 45G01-1810-F1-33 20A-CR-149
08/18/20 07/08/20 Amber Gibson v. State of Indiana 83C01-1412-F1-1 20A-CR-761
08/18/20 07/10/20 Christopher Vandenberg v. Indiana Department of Correction 49D11-1903-PL-10525 20A-PL-363
08/13/20 07/29/20 Daniel Brewington v. Dearborn Superior Court II, Judge Sally McLaughlin, Judge Brian Hill, Court Reporter Barbara Ruwe 15D01-1702-PL-13 19A-PL-3047
08/03/20 06/24/20 Kyli D. Smith v. National Collegiate Student Loan Trust 17D02-1901-CC-43 19A-CC-3041
07/30/20 06/30/20 Justin P. Norton and Randall E. Myers v. State of Indiana 83C01-1905-F6-81,
07/29/20 06/29/20 Deborah Doherty and Sandra Luedtke, as agent and attorney-in-fact for Deborah Doherty v. Purdue Properties I, LLC; Campus Apartments Management, LLC; Corridor, LLC; and Corridor Ventures, Inc. 49D06-1602-CT-4909 19A-CT-2807
07/09/20 06/16/20 In the Matter of the Estate of Thomas E. Phelps, Colby Phelps, Hailey B. Phelps, and Kara L. Phelps v. Erica K. Book 76C01-1510-ES-70 19A-ES-2375
06/30/20 06/16/20 Monroe County, Indiana and Monroe County Plan Commission v. Boathouse Apartments, LLC 53C01-1702-PL-257 20A-PL-177
06/29/20 06/05/20 Matthew Christopher Yost v. State of Indiana 49G05-1909-F5-35951 19A-CR-2834
06/26/20 05/13/20 Steven and Kathy Chambers, Stephen and Elizabeth Driscoll, and Perry and Tonya Evans (appellants-intervenors) v. Delaware-Muncie Metropolitan Board of Zoning Appeals (respondent) and Rhett and Alana Light (appellees-petitioners) 27C01-1811-PL-49 19A-PL-1485
05/20/20 03/15/20 Randy Chariton, on behalf of himself and all others similarly situated v. City of Hammond, Indiana Board of Public Works and Safety; et al. 45D10-1410-CT-208 19A-CT-1266
05/18/20 04/14/20 In the Matter of: K.Y. (Minor Child) Child in Need of Services and M.Y. (Mother) v. The Indiana Department of Child Services 49D09-1904-JC-995 19A-JC-2582
05/13/20 04/30/20 Matthew Dallman v. Eunjin Choi 45C01-1602-DR-130 19A-DR-2115
05/12/20 04/01/20 Switzerland County v. Review Board 19-R-983 19A-EX-2577
05/11/20 04/16/20 Oscar Orozco v. State of Indiana 71D03-1902-MR-2 19A-CR-2408
05/07/20 04/02/20 Tammy Echeverria v. State of Indiana 49G21-1807-F2-21817 19A-CR-1459
04/29/20 03/06/20 Stiller Properties, LLC v. Floyd County Board of Zoning Appeals, Curt Rafferty, and Ceek Properties, LLC 22D02-1809-PL-1305 19A-PL-2190
04/01/20 03/25/20 K.F., et al. v B.P., et al 53C07-1905-AD-50,
03/25/20 03/11/20 In re the Termination of the Parent-Child Relationship of M.M.E. (Minor Child) and J.H. (Father); J.H. v. Indiana Department of Child Services and Lake County Court Appointed Special Advocate 45D06-1903-JT-65 19A-JT-2139
03/18/20 03/10/20 Kentrell A. Fleming v. State of Indiana 49G04-1802-F5-5443 19A-CR-1394
02/27/20 01/14/20 K.R. Calvert Co., LLC, and Philip Davis v. Brian Sandys and Jennifer Sandys 29D02-1501-PL-33 19A-PL-443
02/06/20 12/12/19 Darryl Abron v. State of Indiana 67D01-1901-MI-35 19A-MI-939
01/06/20 02/03/20 Jacob T. Kingma v. State of Indiana 12D01-1808-F6-1199 19A-CR-01661
01/15/20 12/13/19 Old Plank Trail Community Bank, N.A. v. Mattcon General Contractors, Inc. 50C01-1806-PL-25 19A-PL-1033
01/09/20 11/06/19 Reham Al-Sinan v. Blackbird Farms Apartments, LLC and WH Long Rentals, Inc. 79D01-1604-CT-56 19A-CT-1236
12/11/19 11/19/19 James Hill v. State of Indiana 45G01-1609-MR-4 19A-CR-16
12/05/19 10/31/19 Anthony L. Elrod, et al. v. Raymond C. Bauman 49D12-1604-PL-11727 18A-PL-3020
11/20/19 10/17/19 In Re the Marriage of: Rosalia Mayagoita Fragoso and Fidel Medina Avila 281-1614 19A-DR-1195
11/14/19 10/17/19 Anthony Gammons, Jr. v. State of Indiana 49G06-1706-F1-21991 18A-CR-3005
11/12/19 10/22/19 S.M. v. A.A. 08C01-1201-DR-14 19A-DR-959
11/12/19 10/04/19 Jimmy E. Crase v. State of Indiana 73C01-1607-FA-2 18A-CR-2423
09/17/19 07/15/19 In the Matter of the Involuntary Termination of the Parent-Child Relationship of J.S. and Jo. C. (Minor Children) and J.C. (Father) v. The Indiana Department of Child Services 49D09-1805-JT-588, 49D09-1805-JT-589 19A-JT-258
08/16/19 07/11/19 T.B. v. Review Board, et al. 18R-0932 18A-EX-2638
08/15/19 07/15/19 In the Matter of: C.M. (Minor Child), Child in Need of Services and J.M. (Mother) v. Indiana Department of Child Services 49D09-1809-JC-2284 19A-JC-132
07/26/19 06/27/19 J.C. v. State of Indiana 32D03-1805-JD-111 18A-JV-3059
06/21/19 04/25/19 Nicholas T. Custance v. State of Indiana 79D02-1805-F5-89 18A-CR-2627
06/21/19 04/24/19 Christopher Robinson v. State of Indiana 49G16-1711-F6-45055 18A-CR-1409
06/21/19 05/02/19 Matthew William Joseph v. State of Indiana 16C01-1608-F5-659 18A-CR-2896
06/10/19 05/15/19 M.C. v. State of Indiana 71J01-1710-JD-354 18A-JV-2931
06/10/19 04/25/19 E.M. v. State of Indiana 47C01-1607-JS-227, 47C01-1509-JD-362 18A-JV-00706
05/30/19 04/30/19 Jewarr Woodson v. State of Indiana 49G17-1807-F6-22863 18A-CR-2708
04/12/19 03/15/19 CHINS: J.M., et al. v. Indiana Department of Child Services 53C06-1708-JC-634 18A-JC-2330
03/13/19 02/19/19 Thomas J. Moss v. Horizon Bank, N.A., and Chicago Title Insurance Company 46D02-1710-PL-1843 18A-PL-1526
02/28/19 02/21/19 M.R. v. B.C. 09D01-1806-PO-54 18A-PO-2156
02/12/19 01/17/19 Shawn P. Morrell v. State of Indiana 79C01-1711-F5-151 18A-CR-1282
01/28/19 12/05/18 Centennial Park, LLC v. Highland Park Estates, LLC 53C01-1708-PL-1703 18A-PL-764
01/28/19 11/30/18 City of Lawrence v. Jeff Dullaghan 49D14-1611-PL-39334 18A-PL-824
01/16/19 12/26/18 In the Termination of the Parent-Child Relationship of: X.S. (Minor Child), and S.S. (Father) v. The Indiana Department of Child Services, and Lake County Court Appointed Special Advocate 45D06-1710-JT-260 18A-JT-1198
01/09/19 11/15/18 Amy K. Metz, et al. v. Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center-Plymouth Campus, Inc., et al. 71C01-1705-CT-233 18A-CT-325
01/09/19 11/30/18 In re Termination of the Parent-Child Relationship of M.P. (Minor Child) and K.P. (Mother) v. Indiana Department of Child Services 53C07-1707-JT-606 18A-JT-1462
01/02/19 11/09/18 Gillian Moorman v. Kyle Andrews 27D03-1208-JP-431 18A-JP-01051
12/28/18 11/28/18 S.H. v. D.W. 03D01-1802-PO-626 18A-PO-1413
11/21/18 10/31/18 K.S. v. State of Indiana 40C01-1801-JD-1 18A-JV-1304
10/26/18 10/10/18 Edward Duke Brown v. The City of Indianapolis and The Town of Speedway 42D12-1411-CT-38858 18A-CT-715
10/01/18 09/13/18 J.T. v. State of Indiana 47C01-1608-JD-264, 47C01-1612-JD-492, 47C01-1701-JD-58, 47C01-1703-JD-128 18A-JV-707
09/27/18 09/05/18 Shon L. Hudson v. State of Indiana 49G12-1701-CM-3057 49A02-1712-CR-2903
09/12/18 08/27/18 City of Lawrenceburg, Indiana and City of Lawrenceburg Board of Works v. Grant Hughes 15D01-1607-PL-48 18A-PL-439
09/12/18 08/10/18 Indiana Behavioral Health and Human Services Licensing Board v. Jenna Thomas 79C01-1704-PL-42 79A02-1712-PL-2904
09/11/18 06/27/18 Curtis Pearman v. Stewart Title Guaranty Company 73C01-1406-PL-18 73A05-1708-PL-2040
08/21/18 07/12/18 Charles Benson v. News-Sentinel, et al. 02D09-1702-CT-73 02A03-1711-CT-2865
08/21/18 07/12/18 Charles Benson v. WANE-TV 15, et al. 02D09-1701-CT-12 02A04-1711-CT-2866
08/16/18 07/27/18 In the Matter of the Paternity of J.G.L.: Kenya Roberson v. Quentin Lenig 75C01-1701-JP-1 18A-JP-496
08/06/18 07/12/18 State of Indiana v. Cassey Gick 08C01-1608-F4-5 18A-CR-241
07/03/18 05/30/18 G.K. v. State of Indiana 49D09-1706-JD-795 49A02-1711-JV-2540
06/25/18 05/11/18 Tasima M. Collyear-Bell v. Dennis T. Bell 49D01-1107-DR-25874 49A05-1709-DR-2076
05/22/18 04/04/18 Central States Tower III, LLC, a/k/a Central States Tower v. Plan Commission of the City of Portage 64D02-1705-CC-4934 64A04-1710-CC-2400
05/11/18 04/18/18 Chris D. Hawkins v. State of Indiana 47D02-1507-F3-686 47A04-1709-CR-2185
05/07/18 04/18/18 In the Matter of the Involuntary Termination of the Parent-Child Relationship of A.S. (Minor Child) and X.S. (Father) v. Indiana Department of Child Services 53C07-1607-JT-472 53A01-1710-JT-2340
04/09/18 03/07/18 Darren and Shelley Clayton, Individually and as Next Best Friends of Kinser Clayton v. Morgan County Sheriff's Department and Madison Township Fire Department 55C01-1509-CT-1554 55A01-1708-CT-1920
02/06/18 12/29/17 Prosecuting Attorney of Hendricks County and Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles v. Randy L. Hammer 32D05-1611-MI-230 32A01-1705-MI-1107
02/01/18 12/27/17 Anthony W. Smith v. State of Indiana 35C01-1511-PC-24 35A05-1705-PC-1058
01/30/18 12/22/17 Kimberly Flueckiger, et al. v. Maurice Englehardt, et al. 90C01-1507-CT-10 90A02-1707-CT-1520
01/30/18 12/28/17 Phillip Herron v. First Financial Bank NA, et al. 49D14-1602-PL-7062 49A02-1704-PL-873
12/21/17 12/12/17 Joseph Spaulding v. Joseph Cook 02D01-1311-CT-519 02A03-1707-CT-1623
12/01/17 11/08/17 Douglas Alan Wolff v. State of Indiana 27D02-1702-F6-94 27A05-1704-CR-853
11/21/17 10/24/17 Zerlie Charles v. Vickie D. Vest 72D01-1611-SC-387 72A01-1706-SC-1252
11/16/17 10/27/17 In the Matter of S.C., A Minor Child, A Child In Need Of Services, M.L., Father v. The Indiana Department of Child Services, and Child Advocates, Inc. 49D09-1606-JC-2202, 49C01-1606-JP-22362 49A05-1704-JC-751
10/11/17 09/15/17 David L. Newson v. State of Indiana 49G02-9604-PC-48010 49A05-1705-PC-1090
10/04/17 08/22/17 State of Indiana v. Codee Lamaster 72C01-1402-FC-9 72A01-1702-CR-227
09/26/17 09/13/17 Mary and Ronald McDaniel, Individually and as Administrators of the Estate of Christopher L. McDaniel, Deceased v. Stephen W. Robertson, Commissioner of the Indiana Department of Insurance 49D14-1510-PL-34509 49A02-1610-PL-2298
08/28/17 09/14/17 D.G. v. S.G. 32D03-1501-DR-33 32A01-1701-DR-164
08/15/17 06/09/17 Kurt Duncan v. Betsy J. Duncan 30C01-0709-DR-829 30A01-1611-DR-2608
08/15/17 07/13/17 City of Indianapolis v. Rosalynn West 49D06-0803-CT-10163 49A02-1612-CT-2898
08/15/17 08/04/17 Jackie Lynn Rolston v. State of Indiana 20D03-1503-F2-2 20A04-1701-CR-54
08/11/17 08/02/17 In Re the Marriage of: Brett Myers v. Lisa Myers (Phifer) 29D02-0302-DR-82 29A02-1701-DR-77
07/20/17 06/27/17 Darryl L. Calvin v. State of Indiana 02D06-1604-F4-30 02A03-1701-CR-93
06/22/17 06/13/17 In Re the Marriage of: J.W. v. M.W. 29D01-1006-DR-1444 29A02-1612-DR-2869
06/12/17 05/22/17 In re the Marriage of: Milana Staletovich Riggs v. Leon O. Riggs 49D12-1506-DR-21278 49A02-1605-DR-1057
05/11/17 04/28/17 Indiana Department of Motor Vehicles v. Thomas H. Miracle 64D03-1005-IF-6206 64A05-1607-IF-1624
05/01/17 04/10/17 Robert Micheau v. State of Indiana 38C01-0911-PC-05 38A02-1606-PC-1356
04/26/17 04/12/17 Destin D. Jones v. State of Indiana 84D01-1504-F3-863 84A05-1609-CR-2065
04/19/17 04/05/17 Luke Paul Eckrich v. State of Indiana 84D06-1511-F6-2893 84A01-1610-CR-2343
03/13/17 02/16/17 Ashley Brown v. Indiana Family and Social Services Administration 82D07-1504-PL-1921 82A05-1603-PL-688
03/13/17 02/08/17 Justine Archer v. State of Indiana 49G05-1602-F6-5142 49A04-1606-CR-1444
02/07/17 11/15/16 Freddie L. Alcantar, Jr. v. State of Indiana 02D06-1401-MR-1 02A03-1512-CR-2284
12/29/16 11/23/16 In the Matter of C.K., a Child Alleged to be in Need of Services, F.R. (Mother) and B.K. (Father) v. The Indiana Department of Child Services 29C01-1509-JC-1177 29A02-1603-JC-511
11/15/16 10/21/16 In the Matter of the Civil Commitment of B.J. v. Eskenazi Hospital/Midtown CMHC 49D08-1508-MH-27580 49A02-1603-MH-413
10/13/16 09/30/16 William C. McCollum v. State of Indiana 40D01-1512-CM-555 40A01-1604-CR-718
08/16/16 07/21/16 B.L. v. J.S. 30D01-1101-DR-149 30A01-1502-DR-59
08/12/16 06/21/16 Richard Vance Hastings v. State of Indiana 29D06-1409-F6-7817 29A02-1507-CR-982
08/12/16 07/15/16 Brian L. Boyland, Jennifer K. Boyland, et al. v. Kenneth Hedge, et al. 06D01-1110-CT-493 06A05-1509-CT-1383
07/22/16 06/30/16 Company v. Review Board of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development 15-RB-1692 93A02-1511-EX-1941
07/22/16 06/16/16 Brian J. Bauermeister v. Sandra J. Churchman and The Courier-Journal, Inc. 88D01-1408-CT-462 88A05-1601-CT-96
07/20/16 06/14/16 Julie D. Himes v. Todd A. Himes 16C01-9609-DR-206 16A01-1510-DR-1599
06/28/16 06/08/16 Christine A. Milcherska v. James A. Hoerstman 71J01-0409-JP-509 71A03-1509-JP-1640
05/17/16 04/20/16 Leroy Burke, Jr. v. Matthew Elkin 34D04-1504-PL-309 34A05-1509-PL-1404
04/25/16 03/29/16 Jason T. Myers v. Thomas D. Maxson; Amy L. Hutchison; Bruce W. Graham; and Trueblood & Graham (In their Official and Individual Capacities) 79D05-1302-CT-1 79A05-1501-CT-39
03/11/16 02/04/16 In Re: the Marriage of: Renita A. Marek and Edward Marek 45C01-1311-DR-910 45A03-1503-DR-93
03/11/16 12/23/15 Board of Public Works and Safety of the City of Hammond v. Erik Alcantar, Sr. and Guadalupe Alcantar 45C01-1007-PL-132 45A03-1412-PL-433
11/25/15 10/27/15 Jeffrey Allen Hmurovic, Sr. v. State of Indiana 45G01-1403-FC-25 45A03-1503-CR-94
06/29/15 05/22/15 T.H. v. State of Indiana 49D09-1405-JD-1319 49A02-1409-JV-633
06/15/15 05/12/15 Cleverly Lockhart v State of Indiana 33C01-1410-MI-109 33A04-1412-MI-602
04/13/15 03/18/15 Joshua E. Cain v. State of Indiana 02D04-0911-FA-70 02A03-1407-CR-260
04/08/15 03/06/15 Allstate Insurance Company as Subrogee of Elaine Weiman v. Cleve W. Hatfield and Michael W. Hatfield 49D05-1301-CT-3140 49A04-1408-CT-389
03/26/15 10/02/14 Denny Gene Inman and Lois Inman v. Charles L. Turner and Jennifer C. Turner 47C01-0910-PL-1270 47A04-1402-PL-80
03/02/15 01/29/15 Samuel L. Hobbs, Jr. v. State of Indiana 18C01-1007-FA-6 18A05-1408-CR-394
02/24/15 01/28/15 Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board v. Theodore D. Comer, Sr. 22C01-1305-MI-777 22A01-1407-MI-321
12/18/14 08/20/14 Brandon Brummett v. State of Indiana 49G02-1206-FB-42411 49A02-1304-CR-378
12/04/14 10/29/14 James M. Burton v. State of Indiana 02D05-1212-FA-48 02A03-1403-CR-98
12/04/14 10/10/14 Alexis Cameron v. State of Indiana 49G16-1311-FD-76083 49A02-1403-CR-176
11/25/14 11/06/14 State of Indiana v. Anthony Rivera 32D05-1306-FD-653 32A04-1402-CR-72
11/05/14 09/05/14 Anthony McGriff v. State of Indiana 90C01-1212-FB-26 90A02-1312-CR-1014
09/25/14 08/27/14 Cohen & Malad, LLP v. John P. Daly, Jr., Golitko & Daly, P.C. and Golitko Legal Group, P.C. 29D03-1105-PL-6478 29A02-1308-PL-741
08/28/2014 03/14/2014 Jason Roudebush v. State of Indiana 80C01-0911-PC-537 80A04-1301-PC-46
08/19/2014 06/20/2014 Jenni Hill v. State of Indiana 29D04-1308-MI-8146 29A02-1311-MI-942
07/18/2014 05/27/2014 Richard M. Tallman v. State of Indiana, Indiana Department of Natural Resources, et al 51C01-0810-PL-428 51A01-1305-PL-241
07/16/2014 05/29/2014 Betty Woods v. State of Indiana 49F08-1302-CM-011603 49A02-1309-CR-805
06/18/2014 05/19/2014 Gary Sistrunk v. State of Indiana 49G05-1202-FB-10112 49A05-1211-CR-567
05/22/2014 04/30/2014 Clarenda Love v. Bruce Love 32D05-1006-DR-88 32A01-1311-DR-504
05/01/2014 02/26/2014 Jacquelyn Webster Green, as personal representative of the estate of Mary A. Webster, deceased v. Housing Authority of the City of Gary, Indiana, et al. 45D10-1111-CT-213 45A04-1307-CT-344
04/08/2014 02/28/2014 Joy Elaine Gwinn v. Harry J. Kloeppel & Associates, Inc. 33C01-1109-CT-36 33A04-1306-CT-307
04/03/2014 03/19/2014 Justin Whitmore v. South Bend Public Transportation Corporation a/k/a Transpro 71C01-1203-CT-59 71A03-1306-CT-242
03/19/2014 02/14/2014 Baldev R. Saini v. Review Board of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development and Integrity Staffing Solutions I 13-R-2558 93A02-1308-EX-723
02/26/2014 01/21/2014 Terry Berry v. State of Indiana 49F07-1210-CM-73382 49A02-1307-CR-583
02/19/2014 12/19/2013 In the Matter of: J.C. and A.M.C. (Minor Children), Children in Need of Services, and A.K.C. (Mother) v. Indiana Department of Child Services


02/14/2014 12/20/2013 James Mira v. State of Indiana 49F18-1107-FD-51687 49A04-1305-CR-245
02/12/2014 12/27/2013 Virginia Davis v. Indiana State Board of Nursing 49D04-1201-PL-2479 49A05-1304-PL-187
02/10/2014 10/31/2013 Sharon Jasinski v. Mirian Brown 45D09-1208-SC-2326 45A03-1212-SC-552
01/16/2014 11/13/2013 Tammy Price v. Review Board of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development and WC Fern Exposition Services 13-R-830, 13-R-831 93A02-1304-EX-369
01/03/2014 10/28/2013 Denielle R. Pharr v. State of Indiana 84D05-1102-FD-609 84A05-1305-CR-223
12/26/2013 11/20/2013 Eric Rasnick v. State of Indiana 39C01-1109-FB-888 39A01-1211-CR-526
11/14/2013 10/08/2013 Bradley D. Benard v. Review Board of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development and Rolls-Royce Corporation 13-R-00518 93A02-1303-EX-237
11/14/2013 10/17/2013 FSF Presidential Estates, Associates, LLC, individually and d/b/a Presidential Estates Apartments and Indianapolis Power & Light v. Joshua Grounds, Fleener Roofing & Guttering, LLC 49D10-0909-CT-42545 49A05-1305-CT-209
10/31/2013 08/15/2013 Auto-Owners Insurance Company v. C & J Real Estate, Inc. 49D03-1011-PL-51335 49A04-1209-PL-477
10/18/2013 07/30/2013 Anonymous Hospital, Inc. v. Jane Doe, et al., Indiana Dept. of Insurance 20D01-0910-CT-64 20A03-1210-CT-426
10/11/2013 08/14/2013 In Re The Matter of I.E.: J.E. v. W.L., R.L., and N.V. 72C01-0910-JP-68, 72C01-0911-GU-40 72A01-1212-JP-567
10/07/2013 08/21/2013 John Aaron Shoultz III v. State of Indiana 36C01-0905-MR-2 36A01-1208-CR-359
09/26/2013 08/20/2013 City of Bloomington v. Cheryl Underwood 53C04-1105-OV-832 53A01-1212-OV-577
09/25/2013 08/13/2013 James E. Chalfant v. Lana Lods 79D02-1008-CT-32 79A02-1212-CT-986
09/18/2013 07/22/2013 Donna M. Brown v. Paul F. Buchmeier and Sally M. Buchmeier d/b/a Fashion Trends 33C02-0805-PL-12 33A05-1301-PL-13
08/23/2013 07/11/2013 Cecilia Kelly v. GEPA Hotel Owner Indianapolis LLC, GEPA Hotel Operator Indianapolis LLC, and Schindler Elevator Corporation 49D06-1001-CT-2415 49A04-1210-CT-509
07/11/2013 06/19/2013 In Re: The Marriage of: Caleb E. Campbell v. Anna P. Campbell 71D06-1103-DR-215 71A03-1210-DR-420
06/28/2013 05/29/2013 Jesse Brown v. State of Indiana Department of Child Services 41D01-1008-PL-48 41A01-1209-PL-404
06/28/2013 05/17/2013 Ladonna A. Reck, As Personal Representative of the Estate of Evelyn L. Holmes v. Harry Clifton Knight, M.D., Mona Siddiqui Saifullah, M.D., Community Health Network, Inc., et al. 49D14-0901-CT-3010 49A05-1208-CT-428
06/10/2013 05/23/2013 Joseph D. Hardiman and Jaketa L. Patterson, as Co-Administrators of the Estate of Britney R. Meux, Deceased v. Jason R. Cozmanoff 45D11-1209-CT-214 45A03-1210-CT-437
05/29/2013 05/10/2013 Mr. Bults, Inc., d/b/a MBI v. Nathan Orlando 56C01-1005-CT-4 56A04-1210-CT-515
05/10/2013 03/07/2013 Victor Ponce v. State of Indiana 20C01-1001-PC-1 20A04-1208-PC-396
05/24/2013 05/08/2013 Robert Graber, Jr. and Barbara Graber v. Allen County, Indiana Building Department 02D01-1206-MI-17565 02A05-1209-MI-485
05/17/2013 04/01/2013 Fayette County Board of Commissioners v. Howard Price 21C01-1103-PL-146 21A04-1208-PL-434
05/07/2013 03/22/2013 Gail Eisenhut v. Richard Eisenhut, M.D. 49D03-9308-DR-1383 49A02-1208-DR-633
04/17/2013 03/04/2013 David S. Healey v. State of Indiana 33C01-1111-MI-61 33A04-1202-MI-107
04/16/2013 02/28/2013 Terry L. Schroder and Robert C. Schroder, Individually and as beneficiaries and personal representatives of the Estate of David H. Schroder 09D02-1109-CT-19 09A02-1206-CT-474
04/10/2013 03/06/2013 Christopher Groce and Tracey Groce v. American Family Insurance Company and Michael A. Meek 48C01-0911-CT-967 48A02-1208-CT-703
04/03/2013 03/15/2013 Samuel G. Dykstra and Michelle L. Bahus v. The City of Hammond 45D11-1108-PL-86 45A03-1206-PL-287
03/04/2013 01/30/2013 Demetrius Walker v. State of Indiana 49F10-1203-CM-19943 49A02-1205-CR-380
03/01/2013 01/31/2013 Darrol Fox v. State of Indiana 49G20-1111-FA-79007 49A02-1206-CR-475
02/13/2013 01/17/2013 Steven Newville v. State of Indiana 34C01-1103-FA-33 34A02-1205-CR-379
01/31/2013 12/04/2012 Robert E. Eastwood v. State of Indiana 07C01-0401-FA-24 07A04-1202-CR-64
01/18/2013 11/07/2012 Cherie Solms v. Michael Solms 27D01-1201-PO-78 27A02-1204-PO-279
01/07/2013 11/20/2012 A.M. v. State of Indiana 67C01-1201-JD-7 67A01-1205-JV-211
12/17/2012 11/08/2012 T.B. v. Review Board of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development and A.R. 11-R-05612 93A02-1112-EX-1143
12/12/2012 11/16/2012 Sharmain J. Smith v. State of Indiana 02D04-1006-FB-103 02A03-1204-CR-174
12/04/2012 11/08/2012 F.M., Mother v. N.B., Father 71J01-1001-JP-12 71A05-1206-JP-291
11/29/2012 09/21/2012 Stephen Williams v. Safe Auto Ins. 11D01-0902-CT-84 11A01-1202-CT-70
11/27/2012 10/30/2012 State of Indiana v. Christopher Holloway 49G20-1004-FA-32446 49A02-1203-CR-240
11/13/2012 09/17/2012 Rolando Miguel-Gaspar Mateo v. State of Indiana 09D02-1008-FA-9 09A04-1201-CR-17
10/26/2012 10/02/2012 Raymond C. Tisdale v. Christine M. (Tisdale) Bolick 49D10-0110-DR-1644 49A02-1202-DR-138
10/12/2012 09/20/2012 Darius Jiggetts v. State of Indiana 71D03-0911-FB-00133 71A03-1202-CR-59
10/11/2012 09/06/2012 Tami L. Duvall v. State of Indiana 03C01-1008-MR-1652 03A04-1108-CR-447
10/02/2012 07/25/2012 In Re The Adoption of S.W.; Thomas West v. Ronnie D. Sedberry and Sondra A. Sedberry 34C01-1104-AD-21 34A04-1202-AD-77
09/05/2012 08/01/2012 Edward Lee Jackson v. State of Indiana 82C01-1103-MR-338 82A01-1110-CR-445
08/31/2012 07/03/2012 Jack Tiller v. Review Board 11-R-4106 93A02-1110-EX-961
08/13/2012 07/18/2012 Curtis L. Bass v. State of Indiana 84D01-0912-FB-3885 84A01-1110-CR-473
07/06/2012 05/22/2012 Ohio Farmers Insurance Company and S.C. Nestel, Inc. v. Indiana Drywall & Acoustics, Inc. 49D10-0904-CC-18240 49A02-1106-CC-534
06/28/2012 05/21/2012 Kenneth Russell v. State of Indiana 28C01-1011-FB-198 28A01-1112-CR-559
05/22/2012 03/29/2012 Kimberly A. Pieper v. State of Indiana 89C01-0909-FD-108 89A01-1110-CR-482
05/10/2012 04/16/2012 Anthony L. Cole v. State of Indiana 73C01-1010-FA-12 73A01-1107-CR-310
04/19/2012 02/14/2012 R.T. Moore Company, Inc., FAHS Construction Group, Hearth at Tudor Gardens, LLC, and Hearth at Juday Creek, LLC v. Slant/Fin Corporation 49D03-0911-CC-52574 49A04-1109-CC-463
04/19/2012 03/23/2012 Athena Y. Collins v. State of Indiana 45G02-0905-MR-3 45A03-1104-CR-168
04/16/2012 03/16/2012 Andre Gonzalez v. State of Indiana 45G02-9606-CF-180 45A03-1108-CR-369
04/12/2012 03/19/2012 Kelly Scott Thomas v. State of Indiana 20C01-0407-MR-95 20A05-1111-PC-651
04/12/2012 03/15/2012 Odonis D. Parker v. State of Indiana 02D04-1001-FD-83 & 02D05-1102-FB-26 02A03-1108-CR-381
03/27/2012 03/13/2012 Aaron Lee v. State of Indiana 49G01-1006-FB-48976 49A02-1108-CR-784
03/21/2012 02/21/2012 Dixie Diana Schulz and Joseph Schulz v. The Kroger Company, Kroger Limited Partnership I, Seven-Up American Bottling Co., The American Bottling Company, et al. 32D03-0706-CT-017 32A05-1107-CT-368
03/16/2012 3/01/2012 State of Indiana v. Mershaun Scott 36C01-1005-FC-28 36A04-1108-CR-419
03/14/2012 02/10/2012 Westfield National Insurance Company v. Charlotte Nakoa, Warren E. Rigg, Steven L. Rigg, and Larry D. Rigg 64D02-0907-PL-7611 64A03-1108-PL-345
03/13/2012 01/31/2012 In the Matter of M.K., I.K., and N.K.; and R.K. (Mother) and E.K. (Father) v. Indiana Dept. of Child Services, and Stephen P. Griebel 02D08-1101-JC-34, 02D08-1101-JC-35, 02D08-1101-JC-36 02A03-1104-JC-151
02/10/2012 11/23/2011 George Kotsopoulos v. Peters Broadcast Engineering Inc. 02D01-0909-PL-340 02A03-1012-PL-675
01/20/2012 12/06/2011 Spencer Norvell v. State of Indiana 18C03-1011-FC-49 18A02-1104-CR-349
01/12/2012 11/22/2011 Oscar B. Dumont v. Michelle D. Dumont 17D02-0810-DR-132 17A05-1104-DR-195
12/14/2011 11/10/2011 Joseph A. Geesy v. April L. Geesy 68C01-0505-RS-184 68A05-1106-RS-330
10/12/2011 08/26/2011 S.G. v. Review Board of the Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development and T.C. 10-R-05158 93A02-1011-EX-1241
09/28/2011 08/18/2011 Employer v. Review Board and Employee 10-R-6671 93A02-1101-EX-53
09/26/2011 08/17/2011 Tat-Yik Jarvis Ka and Amanda Beth Ka v. City of Indianapolis 49D07-0708-CT-35741 49A02-1103-CT-188
09/23/2011 09/13/2011 Shannon Saddler v. State of Indiana 49F19-1008-CM-052073 49A02-1102-CR-120
09/02/2011 08/05/2011 David and Karen Marks v. Northern Indiana Public Service Company 45D04-0809-CT-232 45A05-1011-CT-675
08/29/2011 06/15/2011 The Board of Commissioners in County of Allen, et al. v. Northeastern Indiana Building Trades Council, et al. 02D01-0902-PL-8 02A03-1009-PL-534
08/02/2011 06/30/2011 Mark May v. Ashley F. Ward, Inc. C-177608 93A02-1011-EX-1323
07/13/2011 06/02/2011 Herman Cecil Mallory v. State of Indiana 02D04-0807-PC-70 02A04-1007-PC-493
07/08/2011 05/26/2011 Dennis Mysliwy v. Teresa Mysliwy 45C01-1005-PO-170 45A03-1009-PO-548
06/15/2011 03/30/2011 James and Diana Love v. Meyer & Najem Construction 32D04-0902-CT-5 32A01-1006-CT-317
06/08/2011 05/13/2011 Reginald N. Person, Jr. v. Carol A. Shipley 20D01-0411-CT-739 20A03-1008-CT-463
05/19/2011 04/06/2011 Larry Pryor v. State of Indiana 49G06-0908-FC-68596 49A02-1005-CR-556
05/17/2011 03/14/2011 City of Peru, et al. v. Matthew and Tracy Lewis 85C01-0603-CT-117 85A04-1010-CT-611
05/10/2011 03/28/2011 Cynthia Taylor v. Community Hospitals of Indiana, Inc. 49D13-0907-PL-1559 49A04-1008-PL-499
05/05/2011 04/25/2011 Malcolm Armour v. State of Indiana 49F08-0809-FD-203917 49A02-1008-CR-879
03/30/2011 02/22/2011 Larry Burdette (Deceased) v. Perlman-Rocque Company C-183923 93A02-1007-EX-770
03/23/2011 03/07/2011 Jill M. Baird v. Lake Santee Regional Waste and Water District 16C01-0403-CC-89 16A01-1009-CC-470
02/04/2011 12/15/2010 Keith M. Ramsey, M.D. v. Shella Moore 45D04-0903-CT-83 45A05-1005-CT-308
01/20/2011 12/22/2010 D.R. v. Review Board 10-R-1235 93A02-1005-EX-522
12/13/2010 03/25/2010 Terrance R. Huber v. Montgomery County Sheriff 54D01-0705-CT-171 54A01-0911-CV-559
12/02/2010 09/16/2010 C.T. v. State of Indiana 49D09-0906-JD-1863 49A02-1002-JV-344
11/16/2010 10/08/2010 Fraternal Order of Police, Evansville Lodge No. 73 v. City of Evansville, Indiana 82D03-0411-PL-5255 82A04-1002-PL-94
10/29/2010 09/24/2010 Richard Jandura v. Town of Schererville 45D10-0709-PL-146 45A04-1005-PL-308
09/23/2010 08/06/2010 Cynthia A. Soames v. In. Dept. of Natural Resources, Young Oil Co., et al. 49F12-0905-MI-20717 49A05-0912-CV-726
08/23/2010 07/28/2010 James E. Townsend v. State of Indiana 49G05-0811-MR-256919 49A04-0912-CR-703
08/02/2010 06/29/2010 Saundra and Clyde Smithson v. Howard Regional Health System 34D02-0907-CT-878 34A02-1001-CT-73
07/20/2010 07/07/2010 Robin Parks v. Michael Grube 83C01-0506-DR-64 83A05-0911-CV-652
07/19/2010 06/09/2010 Company v. Review Board 09-R-03370 93A02-0910-EX-957
07/01/2010 060/9/2010 Mark Vickery v. State of Indiana 49G03-0308-FB-136701 49A02-1001-CR-38
06/07/2010 04/21/2010 T.C. v. Review Board, et al. 09-R-3721 93A02-0908-EX-808
04/27/2010 03/17/2010 J.C. Penney Company, Inc. v. Simon Property Group, Inc., et al. 41D01-0702-CT-15 41A01-0907-CV-375
04/01/2010 01/20/2010 D.S. v. Review Board 09-R-02117 93A02-0906-EX-581
03/24/2010 03/05/2010 Baker & Daniels v. Coachmen Industries 17D01-0607-FA-7 71A03-0907-CV-339
03/10/2010 01/29/2010 Vaughn A. Reeves, Jr. v. State of Indiana 77C01-0906-FC-102 77A01-0909-CR-446
02/24/2010 12/31/2009 Giavonni Williams v. State of Indiana 02D04-0804-FD-288 02A03-0908-CR-363
02/12/2010 12/29/2009 David Gardner v. State of Indiana 47C01-8903-CF-27 47A01-0908-CR-399
01/19/2010 12/08/2009 A.B. v. Review Board 08-36968 93A02-0904-EX-360
01/12/2010 11/30/2009 Christian Hollinsworth v. State of Indiana 49F13-0709-CM-177170 49A02-0903-CR-226
01/12/2010 12/23/2009 Marcus Chest v. State of Indiana 49F07-0812-CM-277789 49A02-0907-CR-705
12/09/2009 10/20/2009 M.M. v. Review Board of the Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development, et al. 09-R-00983 93A02-0905-EX-423
12/04/2009 10/14/2009 Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, et al. v. Heather Charles 49C01-0901-MI-1358 49A04-0906-CV-308
10/06/2009 08/27/2009 Mark P'Pool v. Indiana Horse Racing Commission 45D05-0707-PL-69 45A04-0812-CV-757
10/01/2009 08/19/2009 Fouchard Guillaume and Christine Guillaume v. Hall Farms, Inc., and Midwest Marketing Co. Inc. 42D01-0508-CT-22 42A01-0904-CV-163
10/01/2009 08/04/2009 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of H.L.; A.Z. v. IDCS 49D09-0808-JT-38907 49A05-0902-JV-73
09/25/2009 07/23/2009 Edwin Berberena v. State of Indiana 49F10-0810-CM-228195 49A02-0901-CR-87
09/23/2009 09/15/2009 Antoine Sanders v. State of Indiana 49G03-0804-FC-074840 49A02-0901-CR-31
09/17/2009 07/16/2009 Casimir Szpunar v. State of Indiana 49G05-9907-CF-123642 49A02-0812-CR-1136
09/01/2009 07/23/2009 James Niezer v. Todd Realty, Inc. 43D01-0707-PL-579 43A04-0903-CV-122
09/01/2009 07/07/2009 Beaty Construction, Inc. v. Board of Safety Review, et al 49D05-0710-MI-044475 49A05-0811-CV-664
08/28/2009 07/29/2009 Darrolyn Ross, et al v. Sheila Rudolph, Luvenia Kilpatrick, et al 49D01-0503-PL-11918 49A04-0902-CV-69
08/19/2009 06/18/2009 Carla Cunningham v. Review Board 09-01298 09-R-00539 93A02-0902-EX-188
08/10/2009 07/07/2009 Josif Obetkovski v. Inland Steel Industries C-124291 93A02-0812-EX-1182
07/28/2009 06/25/2009 In the Matter of J.L., A.C. v. Hamitlon Co. Dept. of Child Svcs. 29D01-0808-JC-1346 29A02-0812-JV-1175
07/17/2009 06/22/2009 Herman Button v. Sue James 62C01-0107-SC-474 62A05-0902-CV-89
07/14/2009 12/10/08 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of H.T.; R.T. v. IDCS 49D09-0711-JT-47940 49A02-0805-JV-452
06/05/2009 04/24/2009 Oscar Todd Hollingsworth v. State of Indiana 34D01-0804-FB-231 34A02-0810-CR-892
02/26/2009 05/21/2009 Tony Mays v. State of Indiana 84D06-0705-FA-1568 84A01-0805-CR-240
05/20/2009 04/28/2009 Tyler R. Hinds v. State of Indiana 87D02-0702-CM-073 87A04-0901-CR-12
05/06/2009 04/09/2009 Julie D. Marchand v. Review Board, and Spencer County Ambulance Service, Inc. 08-R-426 93A02-0808-EX-685
05/01/2009 03/11/2009 Smitty's Painting, Inc. v. Review Board of the Dept. of Workforce Development, and Raymond A. Sage 08-R-2390 93A02-0810-EX-871
05/01/2009 03/13/2009 Ford Motor Company and TRW Vehicle Safety Systems, Inc. v. Sally Moore, et al 73C01-0305-CT-13 73A05-0710-CV-552
05/01/2009 02/25/2009 Sedrick Lamont Curtis v. State of Indiana 45G04-0603-PC-3 45A05-0810-PC-580
04/24/2009 03/19/2009 Madison County Board of Commissioners and Madison County Auditor v. Town of Ingalls 48D03-0610-PL-925 48A02-0805-CV-439
04/16/2009 02/11/2009 Garry Coleman v. Review Board and State Board of Tax Commissioners 08-R-2091 93A02-0809-EX-803
03/18/2009 01/09/2009 Shenandoah School Corp. v. Shenandoah Education Assn. 33C01-0803-PL-1 33A01-0809-CV-437
01/30/2009 02/13/2009 In the Matter of the Paternity of C.N.S. 55C01-0712-JP-279 55A01-0809-JV-452
01/15/2009 12/05/2008 Eric Danner v. State of Indiana 71D08-0608-FA-39 71A04-0806-CR-382
01/12/2009 12/11/2008 Rosemary Dean v. William T. Pelham, Pers. Rep. of the Estate of William McNatt 73C01-0606-PL-14 73A01-0806-CV-306
12/10/2008 11/14/2008 James F. Glass, Sr. v. Jeff Wrigley 33C01-0804-MI-25 33A05-0807-CV-394
12/02/2008 11/06/2008 Carr Development Group, LLC v. The Town of North Webster 43C01-0705-PL-589 43A05-0804-CV-211
11/26/2008 10/02/2008 Termination of Parental Rights of A.N.W. and A.D.W. 82D01-0612-JT-00136; 82D01-0612-JT-00137 82A05-0806-JV-321
11/20/2008 11/17/2008 Mark Studler v. Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, and Ronald L. Stiver 49D05-0704-PL-16603 49A02-0804-CV-385
11/14/2008 10/07/2008 Mary J. Ziobron v. Madalyn Kell Squires, M.D., Women's Health Partnership, et al 29A04-0804-CV-235 29D03-0310-CT-979
10/20/2008 09/23/2008 Deloris E. England, et al. v. Fairfield Contracting, Inc., et al. 79D01-0208-PL-109 79A02-0711-CV-935
09/15/2008 08/11/2008 Thomas A. Armfield v. State of Indiana 29D03-0509-FC-384 29A02-0802-CR-101
07/30/2008 07/08/2008 Highland Town School Copr. v. Review Board and Dan J. Candiano, Jr. 07-R-02896 93A02-0801-EX-89
07/25/2008 05/27/2008 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of R.H., Bethany Manfred, and Sean Hansen v. Porter Co. Office of Family & Children, CASA Program of Porter County 64A03-0801-JV-14 64A03-0801-JV-14
07/17/2008 06/24/2008 City of Hammond, Hammond Civic Center, and Hammond Parks Board v. Martha Plys 45D05-0502-CT-48 45A05-0712-CV-746
06/25/2008 06/25/2008 Francis "Swede" Colen v. Ohio County, Indiana, et al 58C01-0612-MI-08 58A01-0709-CV-434
06/25/2008 05/23/2008 Donald and Barbara Barnes v. McCarty and State Farm Ins. 82C01-0505-CT-393 82A05-0711-CV-650
05/02/2008 04/08/2008 William and Ruth Finke v. Town of Highland, Indiana, et al 45C01-0605-PL-189 45A03-0707-CV-324
04/30/2008 04/10/2008 The Estate of Margaret H. Prickett v. Marilyn Prickett Womersley 71J01-0302-ES-92 71A03-0710-CV-488
04/28/2008 03/31/2008 In re the Matter of the Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of S.L.H.S., Minor Children and Andrew Thompson, Father v. Elkhart Office of Family and Children 20C01-0612-JT-39 20A03-0707-JV-313
04/28/2008 03/06/2008 In the Matter of H.P., Nathaniel R. and Desiree P. v. Franklin Co. Office of Family & Children 24C01-0610-JV-131 24A04-0708-JV-469
04/28/2008 03/12/2008 State of Indiana v. Derek Hollis and Antonio Graves 49G23-0701-FD-6486, 49G23-0701-FD-6484 49A02-0708-CR-745
04/23/2008 02/28/2008 Chicago Title Insurance Co. v. Juanita A. Gresh, et al 45D01-0304-PL-64 45A03-0705-CV-219
04/17/2008 03/20/2008 A.R.B., Kenneth Baumgart, et al v. Roy DeFries, M.D., et al 82C01-0105-CT-0301 82A04-0605-CV-256
04/14/2008 03/07/2008 In Re the Guardianship of M.E.T. v. Yolanda Poett and Julie E. Krcelich 71J01-0706-GU-103 71A05-0710-CV-591
04/03/2008 03/04/2008 Timothy and Gloria Briesacher v. Specialized Restoration and Construction, Inc., et al 45D11-0601-CT-14 45A03-0703-CV-117
02/15/2008 01/17/2008 Anthony Davis v. Gregory Garrett 49D13-0209-CT-1581 49A02-0704-CV-304
01/30/2008 01/03/2008 Timothy L. Johnson v. State of Indiana 49G17-0602-FD-30746 49A02-0701-CR-28
02/07/2008 12/31/2007 City of Warsaw and R. Paul Schmitt v. Richard and Jan Orban 49A05-0607-CV-404 49D02-0106-CT-900
01/31/2008 11/15/2007 Marla K. Young v. Timothy S. Young 09C01-0008-DR-93 09A05-0701-CV-52
01/11/2008 11/21/2007 JP Morgan Chase Bank, as Trustee for Equity One, ABS, Inc., et al v. Curtis M. Howell, et al 02C01-0501-MF-76 02A03-0702-CV-74
12/05/2007 10/25/2007 Lonnie Piercefield v. State of Indiana 49G03-0509-FA-157237 49A05-0701-CR-67
10/05/2007 08/21/2007 Victor and Gloria Parsons v. Arrowhead Golf, Inc., et al 30D01-0407-CT-491 30A05-0612-CV-699
09/28/2007 08/17/2007 Munster Community Hospital, Cardiac Care Consultants, P.C., Shashidhar Divakaruni, M.D. and Jay C.L. Paik, M.D. v. Thomas Bernacke 45D10-0507-CT-128 45A03-0612-CV-598
09/20/2007 07/24/2007 Phillip C. Rice v. State of Indiana 44C01-0501-FB-2, 44C01-0502-FD-27, and 44C01-0502-FB-28 44A03-0612-CR-591
09/13/2007 08/08/2007 Beverly Roberts, Estate of William L. Roberts, Jr. v. ACandS, Inc. O-159799 93A02-0702-EX-180
09/11/2007 08/17/2007 Invol. Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of Q.B., S.B., Sh.B., T.B., and Bobby Bynum v. Marion Co. Dept. of Child Services, and Child Advocates 49D09-0412-JT-359 49A04-0701-JV-49
08/30/2007 08/08/2007 Marion Community School Corporation v. Marion Teachers Association 27C01-0504-MI-249 27A02-0609-CV-812
08/20/2007 08/07/2007 James Moore v. State of Indiana 49G20-0002-PC-21488 49A04-0702-PC-89
07/24/2007 06/19/2007 Richard U. Pflanz and Delores J. Pflanz v. Merrill Foster d/b/a Friendly Foster's Service and Sunoco 36D01-0412-CT-36 36A01-0612-CV-548
04/17/2007 02/28/2007 West American Ins. Co. v. Brenda Cates, Individually and as Personal Representative of the Estate of Bernard Cates, Jr., and Dylan Cates 42C01-0208-PL-336 42A01-0601-CV-26
04/17/2007 02/28/2007 John M. Carnes v. Estate of Lawrence M. Carnes 90C01-0503-EU-14 90A02-0511-CV-1082
02/22/2007 01/17/2007 Diane Myers v. Elkhart Community Schools 20D04-0511-PL-137 20A03-0605-CV-207
02/20/2007 01/16/2007 Donn Olson v. Alick's Drugs, Inc., and Georgia Luks-McFarland 71C01-0407-CT-130 71A03-0606-CV-274
01/30/2007 01/09/2007 Jeffrey L. Mahan v. American Standard Insurance Company 18C03-0406-PL-9 18A02-0601-CV-66