Odyssey FAQ

Information Available on MyCase

Can you tell me how far back the criminal and civil records go on your website?
Once a court implements Odyssey, all new cases will be maintained in the system. However, the extent to which a court's old records are included in the Odyssey's case management system depends on whether a given county decides to convert some or all of the data from their legacy system, or manually enter closed cases into Odyssey. Interested persons should contact each county using Odyssey in order to determine the extent to which data has been converted from one system to the next.

Does your website have felony, misdemeanor, civil and traffic cases available?
Odyssey contains information regarding felony, misdemeanor, civil and traffic cases. Access to information within Odyssey will depend upon a user's rights and roles. Some information is, by law, confidential. Confidential information that is a part of any case type will not be available to the public.

Is your website considered real-time or how often is it updated?
Information contained within the Odyssey case management system is updated by the system's users in each county. Information becomes available within Odyssey's Public Access module when the system's users update a given case.

Does your website have active warrants or warrant information?
The Odyssey case management system shows the existence of an active warrant for an individual by the presence of a red flag next to the individual's name in the Public Access module. Because the information available on Public Access is not the official court record, warrant information should be verified with the court.

Does your website have dismissed cases?
For cases filed with prior to the deployment of Odyssey, or cases not converted, the Clerk of Court should be contacted since the Clerk is the official keeper of the record. Unless a case is confidential in nature, or unless a case has been expunged from an individual's record, dismissed cases appear in Odyssey.

Does your website list Violation of Probation on your cases?
Yes, provided that the user has updated the case and noted that a violation has been filed.

Are both original and amended charges listed?
Odyssey's Public Access module will show both the original and the amended charges provided that a Motion to Amend was filed and the filing of the Motion was noted in the CCS. Otherwise, Odyssey displays only the currently pending charges and not any amending history.

Are the gradings (felony, misdemeanor, etc.) provided for all charges, including the original and amended?
Odyssey requires users to enter the level, along with the type, of offense charged. This is true for both original and amended charges. Because not all legacy systems required the entry of this information, however, a charge level may not appear for cases that were converted from such a system.

Is full sentencing available?
Odyssey's Public Access module includes sentencing information for criminal cases if that information was entered on the Chronological Case Summary (CCS) provided that the case (or any part of the sentence, itself) is neither confidential nor sealed.

Do you know if the case information on your website would be the same information as if I would go directly to the courthouse and conduct a search?
The Indiana Supreme Court has stated, by Order dated December 5, 2007, that "[t]he following non-confidential court data maintained in Odyssey shall be made available via the Internet: listings of cases filed with the court that include party names and cause numbers; all parties' addresses; attorney names and addresses; chronological case summaries (including summaries of judgments, dispositions, orders, decrees, and financial information)", and that this information shall be made available through Odyssey's Public Access module.

Dates in the CCSWhere is the Filed Date and Order Signed Date on the CCS?
When viewing a case on the CCS, the date shown in the left-hand column is the date the entry was entered on the CCS. When this information does not appear on the CCS, you should check the Court file in the Clerk's office.

Accessing MyCase

Do you have a public access terminal? Is full date of birth available?
Odyssey's Public Access module can be found at http://mycase.in.gov/. Although dates of birth can be used as a search feature in criminal cases, the Indiana Supreme Court has determined that dates of birth will not be displayed in Public Access.

Is your website available 24 hours and/or does your website have scheduled maintenance times?
The Odyssey case management system (including its Public Access module) is scheduled for regular maintenance every Sunday morning from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.. Whether the system is actually "down" during this time will depend on whether updates need to be installed or other maintenance is required. The website may also be down when data conversion efforts are underway prior to a new court coming online. A notice will be posted on the Public Access Site.

If your website is having technical issues or is down, will there be a message indicating so, or will we get an error message when we try to search a name?
If Odyssey is down for maintenance, a message will appear on the Public Access Site.

More Help

Do you provide a Users Guide or Users Manual for your website?
Information regarding use of Odyssey's Public Access module appears in the form of a "help page". This information may be found at http://www.in.gov/judiciary/2634.htm.

If you have questions about a particular case or the contents of a case record, please direct them to the Clerk's Office in the county from which the case originates; or, in the case of a Marion County Small Claims Court, direct your questions to the court.