Peace (Coming Home)

The end of the war precipitated mass mustering-out. At that time, it was possible to assess the loss of life, as well as the psychological and physical damage the war had done. The condition in which soldiers "went home" is described in four (simplistic) categories: Some went home with invisible psychological "scars" from the experience; but others had lost limbs through amputation or had physical ailments for the rest of their lives. The remains of some who lost their lives were buried in cemeteries in Indiana (or in graves that were documented elsewhere); but others were buried in places their families would never be able to locate.

The museum's major concepts literally come "full-circle," as the path leads back to the entrance/exit doors of the museum. At the end of the war, veterans' maintained their ties through membership in the Grand Army of the Republic. Hoosier Grand Army members were determined to remember their fallen comrades. The result; the creation of a lasting tribute - the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument.