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Meet IVH’s Chief Therapy Officer Liberty!CTO Libby and Col Scheel

IVH was thrilled to welcome IVH's new Chief Therapy Officer, Liberty, to our campus as our full-time, certified therapy canine in 2018!

Libby is the daughter of now-retired CTO Sunny. Sunny helped kick off IVH's canine therapy program in 2017 and we were excited to welcome Libby after she completed her training and certification from Ultimate Canine of Westfield, Indiana. While Sunny still stops by to visit from time to time, Libby has fit right in with Superintendent Linda Sharp, Chief Council Joy Grow, Social Services Director Tyffany Knuth, and Volunteer Coordinator Keith Baker as IVH’s certified therapy dog team.

As Chief Therapy Officer, Libby visits with the residents and staff during daytime work hours and is IVH’s bounciest ambassador! Pet therapy has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression while increasing positivity and encouraging social interaction. Libby takes her job of brightening days and lowering blood pressure very seriously and is ready to “visit” and “snuggle” with our residents whenever she is asked. CTO Libby is also quite the dapper dresser, just like her dad, and enjoys her responsibilities as honorary host of IVH events in style!

CTO Libby also has several animal colleagues here at IVH. Resident kitties Lucy, Rascal, and Pretty Girl help keep an eye on the Crafts and Hobbies department. The newest feline addition, Sergeant Major, likes to make rounds on his harness and leash to see residents all across the Hill. The MacArthur building houses a bird aviary on the first floor and there are two large fish tanks on campus for the enjoyment of our residents as well. The Indiana Veterans’ Home also welcomes several volunteer pet therapy animals. Thanks to our wonderful Volunteer Department, several therapy animals come on campus to visit with our residents on a regular basis.

IVH’s mission to provide compassionate care in a home-like environment is greatly enhanced by our resident and visiting animal companions and we are thrilled that Libby has joined our family!


Would you like to keep track of what CTO Libby is up to? Check out her social media pages for her latest adventures!



To visit our community parters at Ultimate Canine, please visit their website:

  Ultimate Canine

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