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Contact: Mary Beth Fisher


For Immediate Release

January 3, 2001




Today the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission approved changes designed to impact the quality of service provided by telephone companies in the state of Indiana.


The revised rules are designed to make the utilities more responsive to their customers and better fit a changing technological environment.

Listed below are some of the new requirements the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission has placed upon local telephone service providers.


        Adjusting the service quality standards to reflect the changing environment of the telecommunications industry as a result of the deregulation and the Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996.

        Requiring quicker responses to customer complaints of service.

        Allowing for fewer errors in the telecommunications network.

        Requiring the telecommunications networks to keep records of performance on an exchange basis rather than a statewide basis to ensure small towns and rural areas are not discriminated against.


The Attorney General, Secretary of State and the Governor must approve the proposed changes before they take effect. Upon approval they will replace the current language in 170 IAC 7-1.1-1 of the Indiana Administrative Code.


The revised rules develop a foundation for the second phase of this process, in which the Commission will focus upon customer rights.