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March 15, 2002




Today the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission issued an “emergency order” requested by LaPorte County and Michigan City, Indiana. 


In Cause No. 42194, the Commission orders NIPSCO to stop actions to close maintenance offices and service district expansions contained in the company’s consolidation plan.  The Commissioners believe it is in the best interest of the public to examine the impact of the proposed closings by NIPSCO before any final decisions are carried out on the closures. 


On March 8th, the LaPorte Board of Commissioners and the City of Michigan City, Indiana asked for the stay so the Commission could address their concerns that NIPSCO’s consolidation plan will have a negative impact on the company’s ability to provide reliable service.


The Commission also received numerous requests from citizens and local elected officials to take a closer look at the plan and its impact on reliable, quality electric service in northern Indiana.




1) LaPorte County Commissioners

2) City of LaPorte

3) St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners

4) City of Portage

5) Lake County Council

6) Center Township Board (Marshall County)

Public Officials


7) Mayor Sheila Brillson, City of Michigan City

8) Mayor Nancy Dembowski, City of Knox

9) Paul Karras, Lake County Assessor

10) Barbara Dreiner, Center Township Assessor (LaPorte County)

Public Safety Officials


11) John Buncich, Sheriff of Lake County

12) James Imes, Chairman, LaPorte County Fire Chief's Association

13) Greg Smith, Chief, LaPorte Fire Department

14) James Arnold, LaPorte County Sheriff

15) James Branham, President of the Porter County Fire Association

16) Robert Sims, Starke County Sheriff's Department


A prehearing conference and preliminary hearing is set for April 10, 2002 in Room TC-10 of the Indiana Government Center South.