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January 24, 2002




Today, the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission approved a request by the Indianapolis Water Company to extend its water mains to allow the connection of customers in Ravenswood and Rocky Ripple.


The extension was prompted by a request from the Marion County Health Department, and will provide service to approximately 640 homes in the two neighborhoods.


In Cause No. 42084, the Commissioners agree that it is in the best interest of the public to extend the service and allow the company to recover the cost of the extension.  However, the company will not be allowed to increase rates more than 1-percent, and the rate adjustment will not take effect until the project is complete.   The company is required to provide the Commission with updated figures and the requested rate adjustment 60-days before the completion of the project.


Below is a table, which shows the impact a 1-percent increase would have on residential customers.



Customer Impact

Current Rates

Proposed one cent block rate Increase

% Increase

Typical residential bill with 5,000 gallons usage.




Typical residential bill with 7,500 gallons usage.






The Indianapolis Water Company serves more than 265,000 customers in Marion County, Indiana.