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For Immediate Release

August 16, 2002




Today in Cause No.42079, the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission approved the request of Hoosier Energy REMC to purchase Worthington Generation LLC and to construct a combustion turbine peaking generation facility on land the energy company owns in Lawrence County, Indiana.


The Worthington Generation Station consists of four General Electric LM 6000 combustion turbines operating in simple cycle capable of producing 174 megawatts (“MW”).  This facility was approved by the Commission in Cause No. 41614 in March 2000, and has been in operation for approximately two years near State Roads 57 and 67 in Lawrence County.


The additional facility will be constructed on a site owned by the company in Lawrence County, Indiana.  The facility will be a simple-cycle operation, consisting of four General Electric 7EA combustion turbines for a total net capacity of approximately 320 MW.


To allow the IURC to keep track of electric systems across the state, the order requires the company to keep the IURC informed of progress during construction and to notify the Commission when the facility is operational.


Hoosier Energy’s local district corporation members supply energy to 215,000 customers located in 48 counties in the central and southern part of the State of Indiana.