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January 24, 2002


Rensselaer’s Municipally Owned Electric Utility Expands Boundary


Today, the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission approved an order, which allows the municipally owned electric utility in Rensselaer to expand its boundaries to include a recently annexed area.


In Cause No. 42065, the Commissioners agree that the expansion is in the best interest of the consumers.  The annexed area consists of approximately 305 acres of land adjacent and contiguous to the southern most boundary of the city.    This area includes 76 homes in the Houston Sub-division, which are served by Jasper County REMC. 


Rensselaer will compensate Jasper County REMC for its loss in revenue.  The city will pay two and a half times the gross electric sales from the customers located in the annexed area from August 31, 2000 to August 31, 2001.  In addition Rensselaer will purchase Jasper County REMC’s electric equipment located in the annexed area.


Rensselaer Municipal Electric serves 2,700 customers.