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June 27, 2001

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Today the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission approved the expansion of the territory of Mishawaka Utilities.


Under the provisions of Cause No. 41971, AEP relinquished 33.6 acres of land, known as the Gumwood Well Field from its service area to Mishawaka Utilities.The acreage is located in property owned and used by Mishawaka Utilities.†† Mishawaka Utilities will compensate AEP in the amount of $10,769.00, and pay $9,650.70 in severance damages based on AEPíS annual revenue from customers in the Gumwood Well Field.


Both AEP and Mishawaka Utilities agree the change in the assigned service area boundary is in the public interest and consistent with public convenience and necessity.†† The public had no objection to the proposed boundary line change.


The order is effective immediately.