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April 18, 2001




The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission has given permission for the boundaries of Richmondís municipally-owned electric utility to expand.


Under the provisions of Cause No. 41870, Richmond Power and Electric will serve two areas recently annexed into the City of Richmond.†† Whitewater Valley Rural Electric Membership Cooperative, Inc and PSI ENERGY, Inc. previously served customers in the affected areas.


Two of the three areas lie wholly or partially outside the assigned service boundaries of RP & L.

The western most annexed area contains approximately 195 acres of land and is located within the assigned service area of PSI and Whitewater REMC.Richmond Power and Electric maintains electric facilities immediately adjacent to the western territory.


The northern most annexed area consists of approximately 154 acres and is partially located in the assigned service area of PSI and RP & L.


Based on the evidence, the Commission finds that the public convenience and necessity will be served by the boundary modifications.†† Whitewater REMC and PSI agree that the changes will promote economical, efficient and adequate electrical service.Neither the OUCC nor any members of the general public raised any objections to the changes in the assigned service area boundaries.


The order is effective immediately.