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For Immediate Release                                                                                       

May 31, 2001




The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission today approved a request from Duke Energy Vigo to build and operate a 620 MW power generation facility. 


In Cause No. 41804, the majority of the Commissioners are satisfied that there is not only a generic need for power in the region, but also a particular need for the power that will be generated by the facility.


The evidence in this case also indicates that the facility should reduce the cost of power and provide additional power that, in turn, will benefit ratepayers in Indiana.  The company also agrees to operate its facility in a manner consistent with good utility practice that will not harm or cause harm to Indiana retail customers.


The record shows that community leaders support the project and no members of the general public appeared or sought to testify against it.


The plant will be located 7 miles southwest of the city of Terre Haute, in Vigo County, Indiana.   The company has submitted evidence that it has complied with local zoning and land use requirements, and has obtained or will obtain all local construction-related permits.


To allow the IURC to keep track of electric systems across the state, the order requires the company to keep the IURC informed of progress during construction.  The company is also required to seek prior approval of any transfer of assets owned by Duke Energy Vigo.


Electricity generated at the facility will be sold solely on the wholesale market.  Duke Energy Vigo does not intend and is not authorized by the IURC to sell any electricity generated from this facility to the public on a retail basis.


Duke Energy Vigo is a Limited Liability Company organized and existing under the laws of the State of Delaware.  It is a publicly traded energy services company with extensive domestic and international operations.