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March 28, 2002




Today the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission approved a request made by Duke Energy Knox, LLC., to change the site where a merchant plant, already approved by the commission, will be built.


Cause No. 41803, was reopened solely for the purpose of considering the site request of the company.  

The Commissioners agree that the company should be allowed to change the location of the proposed facility.   


In the March 7th order, the location was described as being near the Town of Wheatland in Knox County, at the intersection of Bicknell and Long roads.   According to the request by Duke Energy Knox, LLC.  the new site for the facility is approximately 2.5 miles north of the Town of Wheatland, 

near the intersection of Bicknell and Ash roads.


 Use of the new site will not alter the physical characteristics of the facility, it will still receive natural gas and water from the same sources and it will connect to the same transmission line as previously approved.   Duke Energy Knox, LLC has received a tax abatement from the Knox County Commission for the new site, as well as local zoning approval.