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Annual Report Filing: Electricity

Pursuant to IC §§ 8-1-2-16; 8-1.5-3-14; 8-1-2-42.5 
Reports are due by April 30, 2023


  1. Download the appropriate annual report form based on utility type and classification (see below).
  2. Complete each question fully and accurately, even if it was answered in a prior annual report.
  3. Complete all schedules using the words "None" or "N/A," if not applicable.
  4. Round all numbers to the nearest dollar.
  5. Submit the annual report.

Submittals should include the following:

  • Annual report
  • Periodic Review form (if required)
  • Verification page (signed)

Reports must be submitted electronically using the Commission's Electronic Filing System.

2022 Forms

Annual Report Forms

Periodic Review Forms

(Required for utilities with more than 5,000 customers)

FERC Forms

Updated forms will be available in the coming weeks.


Please contact the Energy Division at (317) 232-2785.