Direct Marketing Authority


The IURC now serves as the direct marketing authority for video service providers wishing to conduct direct marketing activities in the state of Indiana, per IC 8-1-34-30. Video service providers can apply with the IURC to conduct these activities and must register their designated employees in accordance with state requirements. Upon successful registration, participants will be able to conduct direct marketing activities within the state of Indiana and will not be required to obtain additional permits in the communities in which they desire to market their services. Participants must continue to follow local ordinances related to the time and manner of direct marketing activities.

Participating Video Service Providers and Designated Employees

The IURC will post a list of registered video service providers and their designated employees performing direct marketing activities, including the date in which an employee ceases to be certified with the Commission. Service providers not registering with the IURC will continue to be required to obtain permits with the communities in which they would like to market their services and will be subject to those communities’ rules and regulations regarding direct marketing activities.

Rosters of Eligible Employees

Companies Rosters IURC Orders
  Acme Communications Roster PDF
  CMN-RUS, Inc. d/b/a MetroNet Roster PDF
  Comcast Roster PDF
  Endeavor Roster  PDF



Direct Marketing Authority: Application | Instructions


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Questions related to the Direct Marketing Authority may be directed to:

Communications Services Division
Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission
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