Weekly Action Items

Each week the IURC posts information related to its hearing schedule, caseload, and decisions. Here you can select from the following action items:

  • Weekly Agenda
    Cases listed on the agenda are scheduled to be called at Conference, which is where Orders are approved

  • Weekly Orders
    Orders are pre-drafted decisions called during Conference and signed by a quorum of IURC commissioners

  • Weekly Hearing Schedule
    Hearings scheduled for the upcoming week are posted in advance. This list also notifies viewers if the hearing is to be live streamed on the Internet.  To learn more about the different types of hearings, please click here

  • Weekly Filings
    Weekly filings include documents submitted to the IURC, and documents issued by the IURC

  • Weekly Utility Articles
    Utility articles are 30-day administrative filings that allow a utility to make changes to its tariff outside of a docketed proceeding

  • Weekly Underground Plant Protection Advisory Committee Recommendations
    Pursuant to IC 8-1-26-23, the Advisory Committee shall act in an advisory capacity to the Commission concerning the implementation and enforcement of the Damage Prevention Act.  In this capacity, the Advisory Committee recommends certain civil penalties with respect to persons that the IURC’s Pipeline Safety Division has found to violate the Act