Rate Case Process

Utilities under the Commission’s jurisdiction must receive Commission approval to modify or establish new rates and charges. Once a utility files a petition with the Commission, it initiates the rate case process shown below.


Rate cases typically take 10 to 12 months from the initial filing of the petition to the date of the IURC's decision.

If a utility seeks an increase in revenues that exceeds $2.5 million, the Commission is required to hold at least one field hearing in the largest municipality located within the utility’s service area.

Generally, a utility may not file a request for a general increase in its basic rates and charges earlier than fifteen (15) months after the filing date of its most recent request for a general increase in basic rates, per IC § 8-1-2-42(a).

Court reporters record verbal testimony and exhibits submitted during evidentiary hearings and field hearings. Transcripts are available upon request pursuant to the court reporter's fee schedule.

Commission Orders may be appealed to the Indiana Court of Appeals by parties to the case.