Wireless Provider Contact Information

Wireless Communications Service

The IURC requires wireless service providers, also known as Commercial Mobile Radio Service (“CMRS”) providers, which serve customers in Indiana to obtain a Certificate of Territorial Authority (“CTA”) pursuant to I.C. 8-1-32.5.   This enables the IURC to maintain accurate records and contact information on telecommunications providers serving Indiana.  The IURC does not regulate the rates, terms or conditions of wireless service; however, Indiana law requires CMRS providers to:

  • contribute to the Indiana State Universal Fund pursuant to the Commission’s Final Order in Cause 42144;
  • pay fees required by the Relay Access Corporation for the Hearing and Speech Impaired (“InTrac”) pursuant to I.C. 8-1-2.8 ;
  • pay the public utility fee pursuant to I.C. 8-1-6; and
  • if designated as an Eligible Telecommunications Carrier (“ETC”), provide a Lifeline/Link-up discount to qualifying low-income customers, among other requirements. 

State laws administered by other agencies also apply.  For example CMRS providers are required to collect a “wireless emergency enhanced 911 fee” from each subscriber who has a primary residence in Indiana pursuant to I.C. 36-8-16.5-30.5.

Contact Information for Wireless Consumers

Consumers who have complaints regarding their wireless service are encouraged to contact the service provider first.  The IURC maintains contact information for the CMRS providers certified in Indiana in the link below:

CMRS Provider Contact Information

FCC Contact Information

CMRS providers are licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”).  Customers who have complaints regarding their wireless service may contact the FCC at 1-888-225-5322 or http://esupport.fcc.gov/complaints.htm .

IURC Consumer Affairs Division

The IURC Consumer Affairs Division is also available to answer questions regarding State policy on wireless services or to facilitate communication between customers and their service provider.  Consumers can contact the Consumer Affairs Division at 1-800-851-4268 or http://www.in.gov/iurc/consumer/complaint_form.html .