Communication Division's 30-Day Filings

Types of Filings

The following types of filings are allowable under the procedures and guidelines of this rule:

  • Rates and charges for new services [Rates]
  • New rules and regulations of the utility [New R&R]
  • Changes to rules and regulations of the utility [Changes to R&R]
  • Nonrecurring charges [NR Charges]
  • Other [Other]

30-Day Filings Pending

 Tracking Number

 Filing Party

 Date Filed


50190 Rochester Telephone Company 4/27/18 PDF


30-Day Filings Closed

Tracking Number Filing Parties Approval Date Filings
50160 Cincinnati Bell Extended Territories LLC (CBET) 5/2/18 PDF


AT&T Indiana 3/14/18 PDF

Archived 30-Day Filings

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