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Case Number 45-29329

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Age: 20

Sex: Male

Race: Caucasian

County: Washington

Location of Offense: Radcliff Rd., south of US 150, Indiana

Circumstances: On June 12, 1994, Delmar Wilson of Paoli, Indiana was murdered or executed .8 tenths of a mile south of US 150 in Hardinsburg, Indiana. Delmar Wilson was located in his 1987 white Chrysler vehicle parked in the roadway; he was sitting in the front driver's side of the vehicle. Delmar Wilson had been shot at close range in the head. A passerby found the victim at approximately 7:50 am on June 12, 1994. Delmar Wilson had dropped his girlfriend off at her residence that was within two miles of the murder scene at approximately 1:00 am. She was the last known person to see him alive. There are no known witnesses to this case at this time.

Pictures of Delmar Wilson's vehicle at the scene of the crime:

Delmar Wilson's Car 2

Delmar Wilson's Car

Anyone with information concerning any of these cases, please contact:

Indiana State Police
District Investigative Commander
8014 Highway 311
Sellersburg, IN 47172
1.812.246.5424 or 1.800.872.6743

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