Situational Awareness for Current Winter Storm


This page was created to inform the public of events related to the winter storm that began February 4, 2014. This message, posted on February 6, 2014, is the final post to this page. The page will remain accessible for public view until February 10, 2014.

2/5/14 2:00pm ISP News:
For state-wide news from the Indiana State Police visit the ISP Newsroom at
2/5/14 11:30am Drive Cautiously:
Drivers should be aware of ever changing conditions and expect slick and icy spots to appear on the roadways. These areas will be especially slick at dawn and dusk. Slick spots should also be expected to develop overnight as temperatures fall. Drivers should also be aware of ruts and potholes developing on roadways as snow and ice melt. Please drive with caution and reduce speed as the snow melts.
2/5/14 10:30am NIXLE:
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2/5/14 5:00am INDOT:
If you come in contact with any state highway workers, be sure to thank them for their outstanding efforts to keep our roadways clear. INDOT deploys a full call-out.
2/4/14 8:30pm Winter Storm Terms:
  • Winter Storm Advisory: Cold, ice and heavy snow are expected.
  • Winter Storm Watch: Heavy snow and ice are very possible over the next couple of days, so finalize preparations and listen to a weather radio or forecasts.
  • Winter Storm Warning: Severe winter weather is in the area. Heavy snow and/or ice will begin soon.
  • Blizzard: Strong winds over 35 mph along with snow that reduces visibility.
  • Sleet: Rain that falls and turns into ice before it hits the ground.
  • Freezing Rain: Rain that falls and turns to ice once it hits a surface.
2/4/14 5:00pm Travel Status:
Use this link to check the travel status for each county in Indiana. This map is regularly updated so check this link before you travel during the approaching winter storm -
2/4/14 4:30pm Move Over:
If you travel during winter storms, make sure to give room to INDOT, County Highway, and City/Town snowplows. Give these workers room to operate. The same is true of ambulances, fire trucks, wrecker/recovery vehicles and police vehicles. If you see flashing emergency lights, slow down and move over. Emergency services workers will be out during these times of inclement weather responding to calls for assistance. Give them a safe environment to work in. Ice and snow….take it slow!
2/4/14 3:30pm Crash Reports:
Should you be involved in a crash and your vehicle is drivable, move to the next available exit ramp to have a crash report taken. Be certain you note your specific location, the roadway you are on and distance from the nearest mile marker, intersection, overpass, bridge, or other clearly discernible landmark before moving your vehicle. Leaving vehicles in a roadway is not a safe practice and exposes you to further danger. Think about your personal safety at all times and consider the elements of cold and snow if you exit your vehicle.
2/4/14 1:00pm General Winter Storm Preparedness –
  • Have necessary items on hand before the storm begins. This includes basic items of food and water.
  • Check all sources of power and be sure they are operational. This includes items such as back-up generators and portable generators.
  • Don’t use gas stoves as heating sources. Also be aware of any gas leaks that may occur due to the extreme cold or large amounts of snowfall.
  • Check on elderly neighbors and family before the storm begins to be sure they are properly cared for.
  • Be sure your cell phone is charged in case of power loss.
  • Have important phone numbers programmed into phones or at hand in case of any emergency.
  • Limit your time outside in the cold weather. Dress in layers and come inside to warm up to prevent over exposure to the cold. Cover all of your skin to help prevent frostbite.
  • Practice safety when removing snow and ice from drive-ways and sidewalks. Don’t over exert yourself.
  • Don’t travel if it is unnecessary during winter storms. Stay in a warm and safe place.
2/4/14 10:40am NEWS FLASH:
Unsafe Driving Causes Crashes During Winter Weather