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Selection Process

The Indiana State Trooper selection process is an in-depth and lengthy procedure, approximately seven months.  Components of the process include:
• Application
• Written Examination
• Physical Ability Tests
• Oral Interview
• Polygraph
• Background Investigation
• Medical and Psychological Examinations
• Toxicology Screening
• Superintendent’s Review
• Recruit Academy

Failure of any component will result in immediate dismissal from the selection process.

Anyone who competes in a selection process and is unsuccessful in achieving hiring status shall not be excluded from competing in any subsequent selection process.

Information secured through testing and investigation will be held in strict confidence.  Applicants are responsible for all expenses incurred by them when reporting for all components of the selection process.

Probationary Troopers must successfully complete a one year probationary period.  A Probationary Trooper may be discharged at any time without recourse to a formal hearing.  Upon satisfactory completion of the probationary period, the Trooper may receive a permanent appointment, and then can be discharged upon preferment of formal charges in writing, and has recourse to a public hearing before the State Police Board, if desired.

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