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Drug Enforcement Section

Indoor Marijuana Growing Operation
An indoor marijuana growing operation

The Drug Enforcement Section is comprised of undercover and diversion detectives and technical support personnel whose primary responsibility is to combat illicit drug activity throughout the state.

Detectives conduct investigations that vary from street-level drug traffickers, indoor / outdoor marijuana-growing operations, to complex conspiracy investigations crossing multiple jurisdictional boundaries. Investigations can be short or long term depending on the nature of the case.

The section also has detectives who have statewide responsibility for investigating the illegal diversion of lawful controlled substances. Investigations usually focus on health care professionals such as doctors, nurses, and pharmacists who illegally divert the drugs. Many times investigations that focus on health care professionals also involve other crimes such as insurance and health care fraud. Detectives also focus on individuals who pose as doctors and phone in or write fraudulent prescriptions.

Report Illegal Drug Activity Occurring in Your Area by Calling the Indiana State Police Drug Tip Line

The following web site provides parents with photographs and descriptions of the most commonly used illegal drugs. Knowing what drugs are, and what to look for, is a major step in raising a drug-free child.


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