Other Indiana Tobacco-Related Policy



  • Law Prohibiting Purchase of E-Cigarettes by Youth Under the Age of 18
    • Prohibits the sale of electronic cigarettes to individuals less than 18 years of age. Makes it a Class C infraction for an individual less than 18 years of age to purchase, accept for personal use, or possess an electronic cigarette. Regulates display and use of electronic cigarettes in vending machines, and makes other changes concerning the use of electronic cigarettes. 
  • School Bus 
    • IC 16-41-37-2.3 
      Clean Indoor Air Law for vehicles that are used for the purpose of transporting school children and can accommodate at least 10 passengers.
  • Youth Tobacco Sales and Enforcement 
    • ​Titles covering youth tobacco sales and enforcement, youth tobacco law enforcement authority and miscellaneous offenses against the family. 


  • Off Duty Use of Tobacco by Employee
    • Summary of what an employee may do regarding tobacco use as a condition of employment
  • Trafficking tobacco products with an inmate 
    • Imposes a mandatory five thousand dollar ($5,000) fine for trafficking with an inmate by an employee of the department of correction or a penal facility and the trafficked item is a tobacco product. 
  • Fire Safe Cigarettes
    • ICC 22-14-7: Reduces the ignition propensity standards for cigarettes.
  • Warning Labels for Pregnant Women
    • IC 35-46-1-11: A notice that reads as follows, "Smoking by pregnant women may result in fetal injury, premature birth, and low birth weight," must be placed at retail locations where tobacco can be purchased.