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Indiana Natality Report - 2008
Information for Former Tables 27 and 27a. Number and Rates of Live Births with Selected Congenital Anomalies by Age of Mother:
Indiana Residents, 2008

The Indiana Natality Report has contained information on live births with selected congenital anomalies since 1994.  For the majority of anomalies, this information is obtained from a count of the number of check boxes selected on the medical portion of the Indiana Certificate of Live Birth.  In the cases of Heart or Circulatory, Respiratory, Other Genital or Urinary, and some other anomalies, the data are recorded as text entries, not check boxes.  Occasionally, the text entries are not appropriate and, consequently, the number of anomalies is over-counted.  Beginning in 2001, each entry was examined using the standards of the Indiana Birth Problems Registry where possible.  This resulted in far fewer, but more accurate, reports of anomalies in these categories.

In 2004, the Indiana Birth Defects and Problems Registry (IBDPR) was established.  This registry requires the reporting of a diagnosed birth problem for infants and children who are Indiana residents.  Reporting is provided by hospitals, birthing centers, health facilities, physicians, and other facilities and health professionals.  The information obtained for each infant and child is verified for accuracy by medical chart review.

Since the information obtained by the IBDPR is verified and accurate, the Indiana Natality Report will no longer provide the tables based on check boxes but will provide a link to the IBDPR Web site for this information:

For additional information, please contact Bob Bowman, Genomics and Newborn Screening Director, at .


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