Table of Contents

Title Page
Introduction and Summary


I. Comparison of Indiana and the Nation
II. Comparison of Age-Adjusted Incidence Rates by Race, White and African-American Populations Only
III. Comparison of 1998 Indiana State and County Incidence Rates

IV. Selected Cancers by Histology, Age, Sex, Race, and Stage at Diagnosis

V. Age-Adjusted Incidence Rates for Selected Cancers

VI. Summary of Sites by Stage, Race and Sex, Indiana 1998
VII. Incidence Rate by Primary Site and Sex: Cases Diagnosed in 1998, Indiana by County


A. Glossary of Terms
B. Technical Notes
C. Primary Site Code Definitions
D. United States Standard Million Population, 1970, by Age
E. 1998 Indiana Population Estimates by Age, Sex and Race
F. Legal References and Reporting Rules
G. Cancer Reporting Form PDF file icon
H. List of Reportable Malignancies

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