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Cancer Incidence in Indiana

State and County Data

(Published April 2001)

Indiana State Department of Health
Epidemiology Resource Center and Division of Chronic/Communicable Disease
State Cancer Registry
2 North Meridian Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

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Indiana State Department of Health
Gregory A. Wilson, State Health Commissioner
Mary DePrez, Deputy State Health Commissioner

Epidemiology Resource Center
Robert Teclaw, DVM, MPH, PhD, Director

Chronic/Communicable Disease
Sue Percifield, RN, Administrative Director

Data Analysis Team
Roland Gamache, PhD, MBA, Director

State Cancer Registry
Martha Graves, RHIA, CTR, Director

Contributing Staff
Susan Dorrell, BS
Elizabeth Hamilton-Byrd, MD
Jon Lewis, PhD
Cheryl Thomas

Contributing Staff
Shelley Boltinghouse, RHIA, CTR
Anita Butz, CTR
Jacqueline Harber, RHIA, CTR
Kay Herrmann, RHIT, CTR
Lisa LaGue, RHIA, CTR
Marsha Lundy
Stephen Nygaard

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