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The 2002 Health Behavior Risk Factors Report provides a summary of the information collected from Indiana’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) throughout 2002. The survey collects data from Indiana residents on various modifiable health risks, preventive health measures, and demographic variables. The objective of this report is to encourage change in risk-related health behaviors, to discover target populations for programs and resources, and to present the condition of Indiana’s health in a way that it can be compared to the health risk behaviors of the rest of the United States.

The report is intended for health professionals, students, legislators, and others interested in the health status of the Indiana community.

The Epidemiology Resource Center gratefully acknowledges the efforts of the residents of the state of Indiana who took the time to respond to the questions asked in the telephone interviews conducted for this survey.

A special acknowledgment is also extended to the staff of Clearwater Research, Inc. who committed themselves to collecting these BRFSS data in an accurate and professional manner.


In tables where a particular age range of respondents is reported, e.g., Table q16.1, the report’s numbers and percentages will not necessarily match the Codebook’s values.  The Codebook’s values are apparently based on imputed age of the respondents while we base our values on their reported age.

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Table of Contents