State Licensure Survey Results

Surveys conducted by the Indiana State Department of Health are classified as either State Licensure Surveys, or as Federal Certification Surveys. Although the surveys are conducted in similar ways and by the same personnel, the measuring criteria are different, and the results of the surveys are treated differently.

The state licensure survey results attempt to provide information about the last three state licensure surveys. If this hospital has had at least three state surveys, all three columns will contain a survey date. The number of deficiencies found during each survey will be noted on the deficiency line. To provide a comparison, state averages are calculated for the last three surveys. The average for the most recent survey was calculated by adding all the deficiencies found on the most recent survey for each hospital, and then dividing that number by the number of hospitals. The average for the 2nd most recent survey includes only those hospitals that have at least two surveys, and is calculated by adding all the deficiencies for the 2nd most recent, and dividing by the number of hospitals. The same is true for the 3rd most recent, and only those hospitals with at least three state surveys are used in the calculation.

If the survey indicates that it found deficiencies, they may be viewed by clicking on the date of the survey in the heading line. You will be taken to an additional page that will list the deficiencies.

Since 2002, the Indiana State Department of Health gave hospitals with deemed status the opportunity to utilize their CMS recognized accreditation survey in lieu of receiving a hospital licensure survey. The accreditation surveys were accepted in lieu of state licensure surveys only for the calendar year performed. In additiion to submitting the official accreditation report, hospitals are required to submit plans of corrections, when completed, to the ISDH.


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