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Provider Education

Dialogue for Families - NEW! Print, cut out, and keep on hand as a guide for discussing GNBS with families.

The Dialogue for Families Card is a resource developed by GNBS to help providers, nurses and other clinical staff best explain what GNBS is to families so that families can make well-informed decisions about their child's newborn screening experience.


This card should be printed, cut out, and kept on hand by any clinical staff that may be involved in their facility's newborn screening process!



FAQ for Providers

These frequently asked questions and answers developed by GNBS targets primary care providers who provide care to not only newborns but healthcare providers for mothers, infants, children and fathers alike.



Disorder Fact Sheets

The following disorder fact sheets are designed to provide additional disorder-specific information to both families and providers following an abnormal newborn screening result. It is important for parents or guardians to know that an abnormal result does not always mean that your baby has one of the conditions on the newborn screen list.

Family fact sheets offer families more specific information about the disorder.

Provider fact sheets offer health care providers recommended short-term actions following an abnormal result that is received from the NBS lab, as well as basic information about the disorder. 

Mobile App now available! The ACMG ACT Sheets and algorithms are available at your fingertips on your smartphone or tablet on the ACT Sheet Mobile App. 

Birth Defect Fact Sheets offer health care providers and families information about each condition that is reportable to the Indiana Birth Defects and Problems Registry.


Condition Specific Information

Sickle Cell Treatment Information:


Educational Resources for Midwives

Please visit the Information for Midwives tab here.









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