Naloxone Training and Resources

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ISDHProvides training and kits to local health departments to distribute in their communities.

OptIN – Provides a list of entities that are naloxone providers.

Overdose Lifeline- Performs first responder and community trainings.

Bitter Pill Naloxone training resources.

Indiana Recovery AllianceDistributes naloxone to individuals at risk of an overdose, families, and social service providers. Trains local fire departments, the Ellettsville, Indiana University and Bloomington Police Departments, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department and Monroe County Corrections Department.

ISDH has provided many local health departments in Indiana with naloxone rescue kits and training. If you would like more information regarding access to FREE training and kits in your county, contact your local health department or Audrey Rehberg, the Naloxone Program Manager.

Contact Information:
Audrey Rehberg
Naloxone Program Manager 

Page last updated 09/06/2018.