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EMS Medical Directors' Conference



At the conclusion of this conference, the participants will be able to:

1. Discuss the most up to date standards of care for Emergency Medicine.

2. Develop a strategy for practicing Emergency Medicine using the most up to date standards of care.

3. Discuss the results of recent outcome-based research in prehospital emergency medical care.

2019 Conference Presentations

2018 Fatigue Risk Management Guidelines for Emergency Services - Implementation Guidebook
Dr. Elizabeth Weinstein-Pediatric Updates-Prehospital PECC Fast Facts handout

2018 Conference Presentations

Dr. Dan O'Donnell-Case Reports from EMS Residents
Dr. Michael Kaufmann-State of the State: EMS
Dr. Jennifer (Walthall) Sullivan-Know the O Facts
Dr. Elizabeth Weinstein-EMSC Update: Pediatric Facility Recognition & New Pediatric Initiatives in EMS

2017 Conference Presentations

Dr. Jeffrey Runge-Use of NEMSIS Data for Bio-Preparedness
Dr. Christine Toevs-Why Injured Geriatric Patients Should Go to a Trauma Center
Dr. Christine Toevs-Traumatic Brain Injury and the Geriatric Patient
Dr. Gregory Faris-Pre-Hospital Management of Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury
Dr. Emily Kraft-Traumatic Cardiac Arrest Guidelines
Alex Meixner-Stroke Systems of Care Legislation-Lessons from Illinois and Next Steps in Indiana
Dr. Michael Kaufmann-Mobile Integrated Health Program
Shane Hardwick-Shalom Project
Andrew Bowman, NP-Conquering Refractory V-fibrillation in the Pre-Hospital Setting

2016 Conference Presentations

Dr. Timothy Pohlman (part of the Stop the Bleeding Panel)- TXA, To Drink or Not To Drink The Kool Aid
Dr. Matt Sutter (part of the Stop the Bleeding Panel)- Tourniquets
Dr. Erik Streib- Ambulance? Ambulance? We Don't Need No Stinking Ambulance!
Dr. Babak Sarani- Civilian and EMS Response to Active Shooter Events
Dr. Gerardo Gomez and Dr. Dan O'Donnell- EMS MDs Round Robin
Dr. Dan O'Donnell- EMS Case Reports from Emergency Medicine Residents
Dr. Peter Antevy- The Psychology of Pediatric Resuscitation in the Field
Dr. Michael Kaufmann- Ultrasounds for EMS
Dr. Michael Smith- Board Certifications
Dr. W. Graham Carlos- Inhalational Burns

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