Internship Descriptions

Indiana University School of Medicine Practicum

This program provides an unpaid opportunity for medical students to apply their educational knowledge and skills in a professional setting. Students will be coached by a preceptor and will complete a month long independent research project while working with ISDH professionals. Practicum students, who receive academic credit for participation in the practicum, work remotely and report to ISDH for meetings with staff and to present their findings at the end of their practicum. Only IU medical students are eligible for this practicum experience. Students interested in completing this elective should contact for more information on availability of open months to secure their practicum.


These unpaid opportunities are related a graduate student’s major or career goal.  This program allows students to work in a professional work environment under the supervision and monitoring of a mentor. While the main focus of the internship program is to provide a “big picture” educational experience, students will be given responsibility for at least one project. Students must receive academic credit for participating in order to be considered eligible for an internship at ISDH.