ISDH Available Internship Opportunities

FALL 2018 - Students seeking internships for fall semester 2018 should return to this page on June 15th to view the available internships at ISDH.

-OPHPM Staff


ISDH accepts internship applications during 3 windows. Students can find the available internships and application information on this webpage during the following 3 windows of time.

Fall Internships - (Students at ISDH approximately August-December) - Interns may apply – June 15th  – July 15th

Spring Internships – (Students at ISDH approximately January-May) - Interns may apply – October 1 – Nov. 15th

Summer Internships – (Students at ISDH approximately June-August) - Interns may apply - Feb 15th  – March 31st