Methamphetamine Labs in Indiana

Clandestine drug labs are found in every state.  These labs are set up in homes, mobile homes, apartments, hotel/motel rooms, storage units, vehicles and boats.  After a drug lab bust, the Indiana State Police works to remove bulk chemicals and drug making equipment from the site.  Notwithstanding, residual contamination may remain because the hazardous chemicals that are used in the manufacture of drugs can cause contamination of porous wall and floor coverings, heat and air conditioning vents, fixtures and furnishings.

Without decontamination, the risk of exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals is likely.  Persons who manufacture illegal drugs use a wide variety of hazardous materials including flammable solvents, acids, strong caustics, combustible metals, lithium, and anhydrous ammonia.  The manufacturing processes produce a number of hazardous chemicals and exposure to meth residue may cause adverse health effects and/or behavioral changes. Meth residue-contaminated properties need to be properly evaluated and decontaminated before being categorized as habitable by a public health official. In Indiana the decontamination level under 318 IAC 1 et seq. is ≤ 0.5ug/100cm2.

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